Need traveling anglers for lure and tackle delivery

Discussion in 'Global Reports' started by Boston Tangler, Nov 20, 2012.

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    You have lots of room in the greenhouse :)

    We moved the cucumbers outside this weekend it was too early I wanted to wait but stronger wills prevailed, then it hailed yesterday :(

    United is offering an advertised (on their landing page) 100% free cancelations and/or rebooking so there is little to loose to grab a ticket. RTN to SG starts at $640 before upgrades right now - it's tempting to book it if I have to cancel it later there is no fee. $640 is more or less what it costs to land one carton of rods or I should say used to cost

    I booked Panama First Class for June this morning it was 47,500 miles R/T NS + $27 again if we cancel and I agree good likelyhood it will - no penalties if it goes off we might have less fishing pressure and a better shot at the big gals on the bank with less people running around ...
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    All good with the airlines and tickets.
    To me, it is an exercise in futility for rest of the year
    to expect international travel for non essential purposes.
    But it is nice to dream.

    When I departed my tropical location,
    the main island where we store the boat.
    I had mechanic drain all the fuel and oils,
    lifted boat from trailer and put back into transport cradle.
    Packed and wrapped it for shipment,
    as I had potentially expected not to return for more
    than a year, or possibly longer, and might want to move/sell
    the boat depending on how this plays out.
    Wanted it ready to move, when I decided.
    Would like to go back again, insane fishing past few years,
    but I think a vaccine will be required first.
    Still corona free there.

    They take the farm if they find it growing on the property
    with ones knowledge.
    That greenhouse, full, would yield about 250 lbs,
    better than tomatoes for sure.

    Cucumbers? way too early,
    they are a warm season plant, still too cold at night for them.
    Its the night time temps that matter when planting,
    not how nice it might be during the day.

    Other than sweet corn seed being planted under plastic
    for early crop, nothing been planted outside yet.
    Maybe field corn(grain) next week,
    and the first round of tomato plants will be field planted.
    Couple weeks later, pepper, eggplant, zucchini, cucumber.
    Good rule of thumb, mothers day for peppers/cukes

    We had frost at the farm 2 night ago,
    anything planted outside would have died.

    Even the greenhouses with early tomato plants,
    which are normally not heated when planted,
    needed some heat during the night,
    otherwise they would have died.
    Last year, April 15, tomatoes were field planted,
    this year with mild winter, we are having chilly early spring.

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    By the way,
    That is NOT how to use airline miles.

    Biz class ticket, there is no first class,
    is $950.

    You are using 47,500 miles on a $950 ticket
    that is a REDEMPTION VALUE of 2 cents per mile.
    That is a HORRIBLE redemption value.

    I will pay 2 cents a mile for mileage any day I can
    through a "mileage deal"

    I redeem miles when the value is 10 cents or more per mile,
    often getting 20 cents or more per mile with multi city trips.

    Nobody who knows how to use miles will redeem them at 2 cents,
    that is a sin to use mileage that way, FYI.
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    Singapore..... I will be there Nov-Dec. did you say a fishing trip going out from there ?:)