Need some input on new Shimano reel for jigging rod Saragosa or Stella

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by Quint, Nov 20, 2020.

  1. Quint

    Quint Member

    Hi all,

    Looking for thoughts on the new Shimano Saragosa SWA vs a new 2020 Stella. Besides the obvious price difference which is not a major factor in my decision.

    Is there any reason to step up to the Stella, I’ve had numerous Saragosa’s they have all been solid work horses. I’m torn between a new reel either Saragosa or Stella both would be in the 20k size. What are some reasons to go with one over the other?

    The rod it is matched up with is a custom built (Thrasher blank) from ZCR.
  2. Lilmie28

    Lilmie28 Active Member

    I was in your shoes before.
    Wondering y should i get a stella.
    It was after getting one and using it, i realised the main difference.. its like pure butter
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  3. tugasangler

    tugasangler Fishing Guru

    If I was fishing for fish that would require 20k size Shimano spinning reel. More times than not I’d side with the Stella . I used both for about 18 months and ended up selling the Stella to get a Saltiga to try. If I was fishing sailfish I’d say a gosa is just fine . . But once you mean YFT, or GT and the like the Stella will be the better option in the long run. Just sucks how much they cost but they’re never not worth it when you’re using one . That I can promise you . Value is relative to the fisherman and his objective to me at this point .
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  4. Quint

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    How did you like the Saltiga? I was checking them out briefly, my good friend is a Shimano dealer so it’s hard to pass up on the deals with Shimano. But I’m primarily fishing Small to medium BFT. Just want the 20k for line capacity we have had some giants come in the mix over the past couple seasons.
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  5. jorge

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    Saltiga 2020 with low ratio only has 18k spool pe8/300m (and low ratio=egg handle knob)....saltiga 14k pe5/400m! pe6/300m is not enough?.

    It is clear that you could go with a Spheros sw, Slammer 8500, Saragosa sw or sw-a (few differences, except for news 14xg and 18k hg)....gosa 25k 45"ipt is also interesting (stella 30k too big and 51.6").
  6. Quint

    Quint Member

    gorge, honestly, the Saltiga does not really entice me. I have nothing but Shimano and I’m happy with them. Also, I get them at cost so price is not a huge factor. However, if the Gosa will do the job just as well why pay double? I get there a nice reel, smooth and well built. But is it more of a bandwagon thing. A few of my friends have them, I’ve used them just not really sold one way or another. Beautiful reel but my Goea’s have been rock solid for years all over the east coast.
  7. bnz

    bnz Just a guy who likes to fish

    How often are you fishing for bft? If frequently I'd go stella.

    I fish for bft twice per year and I went with saltigas (Dogfight 8000 and new 2020 20k). But then again, I'm a tackle ho
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  8. explorer

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    If it’s mine, at cost? I will Stella for sure. Enjoy the best, take care of it, in a few years (or 10)......sell it and you might not lose much $$$(if any).
    But that’s just me
  9. Quint

    Quint Member

    Bnz- I’m usually getting out 12 times give or take a year for bft depending on weather and time.

    explorer- very true! Also a thought, i was just looking for others input if the SWA could do the same job as the Stella. The resale alone is definitely leaning me towards the Stella.
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