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Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by dales, Aug 9, 2008.

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    Guys, I know there a lot of opinions out there and I need some good ones. I just recently purchased a Shimano Tyrnos 30 IIand a Shimano TLD 50LRSA both 2 speed and new. I thought I might know what I was doing but after reading hundreds of posts now I begin to question my thouthts. I was intending to use the 30 for jigging and or top water, is this possible maybe I should say sensible. I was intending to use the 50 for live bait or fishing on the bottom. I have not bought the rods yet and was just about to order rods. I was intending to order Seeker 6' rods with all rollers, 80 lb and 100 lb. Are the rods even suitable for casting. Just need to know if I am heading in the wrong direction before I get too much money tied up into something that is not going to work. I intend to go out on 50hr or greater trip for tuna or what ever wants to bite. This would be my first time out for tuna although I have been on numerous blue water trips for snapper, etc. Thanks in advance for any help and opinions.


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    Welcome aboard dales. I think that the Tyrnos 30II is gonna be brutal for jigging @ 40.9oz. It would be more suitable for live bait, chunking, and bottom fishing. You don't really need a rod with all rollers unless you're gonna do some heavy trolling. For jigging, you would have to figure out which is more comfortable for you, a spinning or conventional reel. For the price of the Tyrnos 30II you should also look a the Avets and Daiwa Saltiga. For spinning reels, check out the Shimano Saragosa or Quantum Cabo. For a jigging rod I personally adore the OTI 5'6" 80lb. rods in conventional and spinning. You choices are endless when it comes to fishing tackle. It all depends on what you're comfortable with or should I say what you're comfortable on spending.

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    i do like the saltiga for a jigging reel
    and of course the OTI for a good jigging rod:D
    the seeker blanks are pretty nice for heavier fishing
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    Your reels are definately heavy for all day jigging. I only jig with reels under 30oz and even those get heavy after awhile. I too have the big Shimanos, and Seekers for stand up fishing, chunking/bait/bottom etc. But now they seldom see water as I now use my jigging setups for chunking, bait, and bottom. It's so much more simple than lugging around heavy setups.

    I'm also a big time user of the OTI rods, Saragosa, and Saltiga reels. Get them when you can, you won't be dissappointed.
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    I would go with a accurate 665 two speed over the Tyrnos..The 50lrs is a good reel for a all roller rod..Seeker great rod the east-coast best value super seeker is their best rod...
    I like the GUSA Wahoo for jigging much lighter than the seeker & has great lifting power..Take a look at the NERBS website to see the Wahoo & the Wahoo Jr under load..

    I never liked two piece rods I have had a Smith rod in my shop & I just dont see it..I can build a custom better & for less.........