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  1. Brokejeep

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    My wife and I have a trip next weekend and I am wondering how most of you guys dress or what shoes etc. you recommend we should bring to wear? Also since this will be our first trip ( hopefully first of many ), what type of extra things would you say to bring that I may not think about? also are there 110volt electrical outlets for hairdryers etc. on board?
    I have been buying so much stuff on line for this trip I am very tired of shopping and the UPS guy is giving me the evil-eye. I know I bought stuff I wont need or some of the wrong stuff but I would rather have too much than show up empty handed or be stuck on the boat for two days watching everyone else catch fish while I am sulking watching TV.

  2. Fishhead56

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    Electric outlets are in the galley by the microwave.
    For bunks I prefer the rear area. take the stairs down from
    the Galley. I found no difference in top, middle or bottom bunk,
    I take a light weight sleeping bag. which i refer to as a throwdown
    or through away. you know the 9.99 to 12.99 at walmart.
    A small camping type pillow.
    2 (3 for 2 person trip) coolers in the 48 qt size 1 or 2 for drinks and 1 for cold food storage.

    I then will take a soft bag or another cooler for dry foods ie bread, crackers
    can food paper towels, disposable plates ect.
    Squeeze butter, mustard, mayo, throw away salt, pepper, plastic forks,
    Soft bag can be storred under inside seat.
    more or less pack as for a weekend camping trip with microwave as heat source. I bring my own coffe cup w\lid..use pull top can goods...

    Don't expect the galley to have any items except coffe, They clean the food stuff out after each trip to keep from attracting bugs onto the boat when docked.

    prefreeze bottle water 1\2 ltr size. For 2 persons I bring about 18 bottles and pre feeze about 12 of them, some gator aid type drink..
    adult beverages of course.
    3 light shirts 2 shorts, plus what is worn going out.
    Sturdy tennis or boat shoes for bigger seas or night fishing, extra socks.
    I bring pelegic brand sandles for day time bottom fishing or kicking back.
    Sturdy tennis shoes can prevent toe , ankle damage when chasing fish around
    the boat.
    also white terry cloth hand towles to tie to rail by fishing area.
    I get throw away type from auto parts store or car cleaning supply area
    from walmart store.
    If you smoke, dip, chew gum ect take 5 day supply not 3 day.
    Breath mints , not for you but for the guy next to you.:(

    Small amout of toilet items. Towel, hand soap, tooth brush ect.
    hat, sun glasses, camera, rolaids, water bong and 2 finger bag of Mary Jane.
    ( just checking if this is being read):eek:

    No bananas. I never bring fruit (maybe fruit juice) or other items of food that
    don't tranport easley. except bread wich I except that it may get squished some.
    When loading 1 person can locate fishing spot and other can claim bunks by placing bag\bedroll on them.
    I like port or starboard bow as much as the stern. the pulpit will most likley be chained off until fishing starts. Mid ship spots are good for chunking and jigging and day fishing. But not as perfered by me as it is a passage way
    and I feel compelled to say excuse me a lot as I move around.:eek:

    For fishing stuff, a 12 inch fellite knife is not needed to be btought on board. They are dangerous, and the ship will have some anyway.
    I bring bait prep style knifes w\ 3 inch blade. 2 throw away pearing
    style knife will do. $.99 from yep you guessed "walmart".
    These can saftly be set in bait tray on the rail and kept handy that way. cheap needle nose pliers are handy also.

    So from the random suggestions above you can see I plan to drop $100 on consumibles, food and other throw away items.

    I guess still for me (after close to 4 decades of going out) most important to bring is high hopes, a good attitude, and in return
    harvest new acuantances, memeroies, a better understanding of party boat
    and GOM fishing. And a cooler or two of fresh fish.


  3. Brokejeep

    Brokejeep Senior Member

    Very Nice , Thank you very much. Is alcohol allowed on the boat?
    I read something about a grill on board ,is there really one that we can use?
  4. Fishhead56

    Fishhead56 Senior Member

    Yes alcohol is ok.
    Glass bottles are not,
    So, can beer, liqure in plasitc flask, Wine in something plastic.

    I find that when some on rare occasions have too much they don't
    enjoy themselves as much, And wind up sleeping more than fishing.
    and need breath mints when they wake up..:mad:

    But social drinking is well accepted..

    The top deck has 2 gas grills on it as of my last 1 day trip 2 weeks ago.
    I think one was needing repair. Call and ask the office and post here if you like. Anyway ask a crew member to fire it up if you want to grill a meal.
    Mostly Saturday towards the end of the day fishing time i'ts fired up
    for use anyway.
  5. Snagged

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    Forget the electric hair dryer. I like crocks or tennis shoes. Wear fast drying clothing, bring throw away hand towels.
  6. xs_tackle

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    The most notable weak spot of the Big E operation is probably not Big E's deal at all. It is the fish cleaning arrangement available on return. Plan to clean your own and preferably elsewhere. The fish cleaning area at the Big E dock is in the sun; and, I found the cutting service asked Port Aransas prices but offered a lower quality of service. This, however, may change as they iron the wrinkles out of their operations.
  7. workin

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    I have to concurr on the fish cleaning service. They charge too much, they don't do all that great a job, and their people skills basically suck; they hate the work and they let you know it.

    - small cutting board
    - wasabi
    - soy sauce
    - a couple of cheap plates and utensils. I get Wal-Mart hard-plastic plates and cheap stamped metal utensils for about a dollar. I hate paper plates and I think styrofoam is Satan's tableware
    - Tabasco (I like the smoked chipotle)
    - gallon ziploc bags (they're useful as hell for lots of stuff)

    A steak on day 2 is the best thing you'll ever put in your mouth. Get big ones. I think it's some kind of protein starvation effect from being so active. Marinate them in a ziploc with soy sauce and tabasco.

    The only other thing I would add is precaution against seasickness. If you're not sure of your resistance or of your wife's, don't risk it. Seasickness can turn what should be one of the best experiences of your life to one of the worst.

    Go git 'em

  8. SkeeterRonnie

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    precook everything you can, and vacuum seal it and freeze it. then all you have to do is zap it in the microwave and dinner is ready in 10minutes! lots of protein and fruits. stay away from junk food.
    if you wear crocs, make sure and keep the strap on- they get slippery when they are wet. :) dont ask.
  9. Fishhead56

    Fishhead56 Senior Member

    Good points on stuff besides Tackle as that is covered else where.
    Might as well keep posting GOM overnight thoughts..

    As far as glass items, Water bongs made from glass might not be allowed...;)
    Back in the day the saftey breifing would cover narcotics, weapons, ect..:eek:
    Not to bring from walmart are bottom rigs made from snap swiviles with red beads!!:)
    Don't tell everyone it's your first time out and!! BUTT you know everything about catching Waleye..:eek:
    Don't need to wear Hodgeman neophreme 3\8" waders coming on board.:eek:

    Just some comments about somethings I've seen.

    Keep posting others
  10. xs_tackle

    xs_tackle Senior Member

    . . . Seasickness can turn what should be one of the best experiences of your life to one of the worst. . . .

    A suggestion--Meclizine, 25 mg tabs. Used to be Rx, now over the counter; cheap--100 for less than $10 last time I looked. These and other such meds are worthless AFTER you're nauseated. Start taking them (2 tabs) 12 hrs BEFORE departure. Then take another at departure, more later if you think you need'em. I rarely do. one bottle may last a yr or more (see the expiration date). I also carry candied ginger (from HEB produce dept) an old sailors' remedy and a zingy candy flavor.
  11. xs_tackle

    xs_tackle Senior Member

    precook everything you can, and vacuum seal it and freeze it. then all you have to do is zap it in the microwave and dinner is ready in 10minutes! lots of protein and fruits. stay away from junk food.
    if you wear crocs, make sure and keep the strap on- they get slippery when they are wet. :) dont ask.

    Good advice.
    But raw potatoes are easy to take and prepare (6 min in micro for medium size); likewise raw sweet potatoes (same time; EZ dessert)
  12. oldtrackster

    oldtrackster Senior Member

    Fishhead those are some hilarious observations.
    I love the comment on no need for a 12 inch filet knife. Mine is going to be retired in exchange for short blades. Makes much more sense, cant believe I never thought of that. This is a very good thread for guys like me with moderate experience. I like the gear list in the link at the top the best of all I have seen. Wow first post in almost a year, if i had thought about it I would have waited a little longer.
  13. Fishhead56

    Fishhead56 Senior Member

    I've gained my opinions from my mistakes and missexperince (is that a word?) as also from observation.
    My tackle container might have a largre Russsel
    knife in it on board . It may stay there. keep the big knifes in the bait cutting areas , what ever boat that maybe. Heck I don't remember when. It might of been a 3 day on the Fla Fishfinder in 85 but a fisherman had a kick ass white handel knife in one hand and a grunt in the other heading down the side of the boat. Port side, bow to aft. grunt in right hand over the rail and knife in
    left hand chest high, extended blade horizontial. ship was underway and every person sitting on the bench had this blade pass by their head and neck.

    Just saying ...I've also seen person's I know, that train kids with gun handeling
    bounce around a boat with a knife in hand ...
    no preacher here . I've done my own no no's...

    as I said, just saying... some Fun with Some Saftey..
  14. Fishhead56

    Fishhead56 Senior Member

    Welcome to the board.

  15. margarita mojo

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    you can bring one 120qt ice chest per person and yes you can bring your own beer or drink of your choice and yes they have a grill on the upper deck. 2 microwaves I think and the deckhands normally have a pot of coffee going with a tip jar nearby to help pay for the coffee and condiments. Also a lawn chair to put on the upper deck is a nice place to sit or doze off on the ride out. Bean bags work great also on the upper deck. Try to get you bunk quickly and then nab a spot on the upper deck to keep your cooler, tackle bag and stuff like that.
  16. Brokejeep

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    Well my wife and I are #s30 and 31 I believe no early pick for us.
    Also the weather is not looking too good right now.
  17. Snagged

    Snagged Senior Member

    Well my wife and I are #s31 and 31 I believe so early pick for us.
    Also the weather is not looking too good right now.

    The boat only takes 40 on these trips.
  18. BretABaker

    BretABaker Guest

    i sometimes wear crocs during the day, but when my feet sweat then forget about it. i wear the xtra tuffs at night. shorts, t-shirt for attire unless its raining.
  19. Fishhead56

    Fishhead56 Senior Member

    Gustav is small and tight right now, Hope it stays that way for everybody on the coast. UE will make a consertive \ safe call as always. But wed pm or Thursday it's path will still be a guess I suppose. I hope it's a go as you have prepped for the trip.
    I'm not a jinx but on a post in June I mentioned possible storms common in the Gulf for this time of year. I don't know about your personnel time and if you can take a later trip but if need be.
    Fishing in the fall is preferred by me over the Dog Days of summer.:)

  20. MrBill

    MrBill Senior Member

    I'm getting different reports from different sites about Gustav. I'm going out this weekend with a good buddy. He never turns around unless it's really bad. Some sites have it 2-4 others have it up to 12'. I think we will have a better idea of what will happen on Thursday evening.

    Hopefully we can fish and not have to board up and haul stuff inland. That sucks. Trying to decide what to haul and what to leave is a PITA. Gustav could be worse than Katrina. This will be a fast moving boy once it gets into the GOM.
  21. rtran

    rtran Senior Member

    It's about to be the deadliest catch up in here.
  22. Fishhead56

    Fishhead56 Senior Member

    UE reports,
    For Labor day the Big E will not go out for it's 52 hr trip.

    The schedule to leave Sat and return Monday would of pushed
    the weather window.

    Hope everyone on this trip gets a chance to go later in the year.

    and maybe I'll see you then.