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I have the LX 2 speed. It's 6.0 to 1 and 2.8 to 1. It's an awsome reel. For me, it's the perfect reel to use in the Gulf. It's not to big for snapper, ling and dorado. It's not to light for YFT. For me it's been just right. The low gear is also a winch. It will give you 20lbs of drag which is a lot if you check it out on a scale. I have used more by putting by thumb on the spool. I figure that I can get at least 5 more lbs out of my opposable thumb ;-)

The thing I like about it is that it's light, around 20 oz. I could use a 30 or 50 class reel but when jigging thats just to heavy. My LX hasn't let me down yet. With spectra it holds plenty of line.

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