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Need Some ADVICE

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Here it goes .I plan on getting a Avet LX 2 speed .I would love for all to give me input on this.I do like the way the gears read 6:1 Hi and 3:1 Lo .The drag seems a little weak at 15# freespool and 20# in full .
The other one would be a AvetEX gears 4:1 HI and 2:1 lo.The drag is 20# at freespool and 30 at full
The reeling going to be in a Narrow style.
The rod will be order from the Great OTI of course

PS I'm a Big Boy and can all the pro's and con's of this reel
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pope, that's what I am doing. the Hoo-X is supposed to be 27 or 28 oz I believe. I am going to fish it heavy, with 100#PP and 80#mono topshot, on a chaos ECA 50-100 rod. If the reel has spec'ed out at high 20s in drag at strike, I think it should handle it okay.

The EX4/0 is good, but the Proex30N is better. I plan on getting one and fishing it as above, but 130# spectra and 100#mono topshot.

As you can tell, I am trying to do a massive downsize on my big game tackle. If it doesn't work, I will go back to the 50W and 30W classes of reels.
jojo, what about the weight? Seems with that line capacity it might be a little heavier than what I was hoping for (less than 30oz).
The new Avet will be a ounce heavier

I missed it; an ounce heavier than what? Do you mean 31oz?
1 - 3 of 19 Posts
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