Need recommendation- best brand of Wahoo lure?

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by chris-chris, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. chris-chris

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    Need recommendation on best brand of Wahoo lure? For Texas Gulf Coast?
    What’s the best brand of Wahoo lure?

    Planning on going after some Wahoo soon and I have read a lot of threads on this site and others about Wahoo rigs and lures…

    But…. there are so many different brand, models and weights that I don’t know where to start and which to choose.

    Some are cheap and some are $50-$60….

    I don’t think I will be high speed trolling (since I have only 3/0 tackle)

    So 6 to ten knot speeds will be my starting point

    If I could get some recommendation on sizes and models of trembler, cedar plugs and trolling lures it sure would help narrowing things down.

    Also - is it worth it to buy them pre rigged with wire or better to make up the leaders you’re self?

    A little more Info:
    Boat 26’cc Sea Hunt w/ twin F-150 Yam
    Reels – TLD20’s, Penn 545’s and Avet Hx’s
    Downrigger equipped – but no outriggers


  2. Minnow

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    Ilander rigged with ballyhoo work great on downrigger.
    Marauder and Stretch 30+ will catch wahoo.

    Remember to sharpen the hooks, JMO
    I highly recommend you rigged it your self or have the Pro rig it for you. Majority of pre rigged trolling lure doesn't come with high quality hooks.

  3. tdwcapt

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    If you only have 30lb gear, you might try a black and purple little speedy by Braid. A pink stretch 30+ would also do the trick.
  4. fishr1989

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    small yo-zuri bonitas
    braid little speedy
    wahoo bombs (charkbait)