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Need MORE non-fishing help!

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Hey guys, it's me again, DeepBlueGulf, and I'm asking for your help one more time. My friend Janice Cubellis is still in the running for the Corpus Christi Sexiest Lady contest that a local radio station is hosting. She is in the top six, and voting ends Friday night at 9:00 (Central) when they will take it down to the top two vote getters.

I'd like to thank everyone that helped last week, and hope you might have a few minutes to vote again before tomorrow night. Here are the links:

The main page - The KEYS Weekend Magazine Sexiest People in CC - Who's the Sexiest?

The Voting Page - http://www.corpuschristifilmsociety.com/modules/xoopspoll/index.php?poll_id=106

Again, vote for Janice Cubellis if you can! Any computer you see, vote from it. She's close and every vote will count.

And again, there are no BOTD type pictures I can send you, and she is still in a long term relationship for those of you that keep checking! LOL! And I'm serious, there is nothing in it for me, except helping a good friend.

Thanks for your help, and if she makes it into the top three, she's coming to breakfast with the Tunaheads! I'll let everyone know when.

Tom - DBG
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Tom, I'd like to be there when you invite her so let me know ..... but it's going to be tough for me since I'll be working weekend for about the next 3 months.

Nate .... I wondered why I didn't see you there.

Either of you coming to the boat show next weekend?

Tom, I just got back from the boat show in Houston. After doing that one i always have trouble getting 'up' for the little one in CC. But I might depending on how much i work.

At the boat show in Houston they had a Cape Horn 31' CC with twin 350's on it. I thought about buying it to one-up Richard since his only has 250's. But we couldn't figure out a way to hook it up to the Camry....:(
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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