Need AJ/Grouper Reel Advice

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by red34, May 3, 2009.

  1. red34

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    Quantum Aruba 20 2-spd vs Shimano Tyrnos 20 Single Speed

    I want to load this with 100# spectra and use it to drop live baits to AJ's and grouper. The Tyrnos is the 20 in single speed 5:1 and the Aruba is a 2-spd in 3.2:1 and 1.7:1. Which reel would you choose and why?


    LEXPRO Senior Member

    I would rather have the lower gear reel but am not familiar with it's real world perfomance. For compact reels I use accurate for larger reels I use avet.

  3. red34

    red34 Guest

    Well I already have the Trynos 20 and I also have an Aruba 30W. Both are brand new and never used. I am trying to sell the Aruba and was going to use the Tyrnos, but now I'm thinking I should go with a 2 spd reel with the higher drag ratings. I have talked to a guy who is willing to trade my Aurba 30W for his 20. Then I was going to return the Trynos and get my $$ back for it.

    I just wanted to get some feedback on which you guys think would be better to do.

    LEXPRO Senior Member

    I would do the the lower gear reel for sure in this app because it's much easier to reel up from depth fish or not
  5. jig

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    No experience with either reel, but agree with the lower gear ratio. Hauling up 3-5lbs of lead from the deep isn't fun with a high gear; add a big AJ or grouper and you're worn out.
  6. spineyman

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    I don't know anything about the Aruba either but the lower the gear ratio the better the winching power. Which equals raw cranking power.
  7. Snagged

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    Never heard of an Aruba reel. The Trynos will put out respectable drag in the two speed versions.
    Personally I use Tiagra's.
  8. mprimeaux

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    I'm a fan of the 2 spd reels so you can crank hard when you have to in low gear but you have the ability to take the slack up if the fish runs toward the boat and you need to take up a large amount of line quickly.