Need advice for slow jigging Rod & Reel

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by JohnnyMax, Jun 25, 2020.

  1. JohnnyMax

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    I am wanting to get my wife a slow jigging rod-n-reel.
    Looking for something under $200 total or she will balk at me getting it for her.
    Should I go Spin cast, bait cast. I can see her keeping be busy with backlashes!
    All her life she has used closed face Zebco style reels inshore fishing.
    This will be new for her. I dug out one of my old Penn reels for her to troll with.
    I need to get her a pole for it and new line
    Time is short. First trip planned for July 6th.
    She has been watching YouTube videos of offshore fishing. She is excited!
    I think she is in for a rude awakening, especially in July heat.
    The videos just show the exciting moments, LOL
  2. JohnnyMax

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    No one is biting.
    I will make my question simple so maybe someone will venture to help me.
    I have my jigging rod and reel and reel, so I am good.
    I am going to set my wife up "slow jigging."
    Here is my question.
    What weight and action rod do I meet to get for a slow jigging setup.
    I can word it simpler, but that is pretty basic.
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  3. HungryJack

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    not going to happen for $200
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  4. a1flyfishr

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    Are you looking for both a rod and reel when you say under $200? Unless you buy used it’s going to be a almost impossible. Reason I say almost is there is one company I have a couple of these rods that I use for friends that want to try SPJing. I think they have their own line of reels also. I am not saying that these are the best quality but for the price and for a first SPJ rod it will do. As far as best jig, that can only be answered by where you’re fishing and the current conditions in that area. So get a set up that will fit your most used jig weights. If you need to go slightly over or under the recommended rod jig weight for that day things are a little different you should be fine.

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  5. JohnnyMax

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    She may have to wait for a new rig. I have a lot of expenses getting ready. I had to get new tires on the Navigator to pull the boat up the ramp. When putting on the tires they saw the upper ball joints needed to be replaced. Plus some trailer work. Changing the O2 sensor on the motor. The list goes on. I have my gear.
    What makes a slow jigging pole a slow jigging pole?
  6. a1flyfishr

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  7. KMitchell

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    I think he knows the road he is on, time to cash in some cd's.
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  8. JohnnyMax

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    I am pouring money into this. Funny you say cash in CD's
    I actually purchased CD's and took low interest loans against them to fund my venture back into offshore fishing.
    Once paid off, I have the boat, gear and still have the money saved up in the bank.
    I dropped a lot quick, now I am metering the outflow.... well, kinda, sorta.
    Money was flowing out like a screaming reel. Now I am tightening up the drag, so to speak...

    So much to learn, which makes it all the more enticing!
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