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I need your help fishing in Hawaii. I'm taking vaction in May. Would you please give me any advise for Hawaii fishing. Do you know any good captain with charter boat with jigging and poping. I'm looking for GT or YFT and AJ. Or any shore casting somewhere nice?

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I would check in with Captain Jeff Rogers in Kona. I know he's made posts on some of the vertical jigging forums and according to his website will cater to your fishing requests. You can also check out the vertical jigging page on his webside which has tackle, fish and seasonal inforamtion for jigging. Heres a link to the jigging section of his website:

Hawaii jigging

On his home page he aslo has a photo page were GT's/Uluas that have been caught are posted.

Kona Hawaii fishing with Capt. Jeff Rogers - Hawaii sport fishing

I don't have any personal or business relation with Captain Rogers but he does post valuable mothly reports and seems to reply to good questions about Kona Fishing and from what i've read online seems to be one of the few captians out here in Hawaii into verticall jigging or popping for GT.

There were a couple of other guys from Kona posting about jigging on this site or the other deepjigging site. Checks those posts out for more info. I have a boat and just purchased some rods and jigs an am hoping to target ahi. So if you or anyone else interested in vertical jigging around Honolulu shoot me a PM. (BYOT bring you own tacke)


May would be a good month to be out here with June usually the best. There were some other posts relating to Kona fishing but they were between small boay owners

welcome to 360 tuna jonesd055 very good first post. thanks for the insight about jigging in your beautiful state....rick
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