Need a rod building jig..

Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by VaRandy, Sep 29, 2008.

  1. VaRandy

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    also motorized unit for drying after covering threads.
    Prefer the pricing attached to a used unit.

    Waht have you?

  2. Cudakilla

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    I use Flexcoat stuff. There are many other brands but I found theirs to be very sensible. I guess the fact that they have been perfecting these for 30 plus years accounts for the fact that everything is at the right height, tensioning devices act almost like a 3rd hand, the epoxy applying and drying motors are the right speed. Heavy and a bit costly but the ergonomics can't be beat. The foot operated wrapping motors is a hoot. I can do underwraps like a demon with it. :) Call Roger at Flexcoat..he'll take care of you. Just tell him Roland sent you.

    FLEX COAT - Professional Rod Building Supplies

    I use the DL747 for wrapping and the 4X-6 for drying. May be a bit much for most folks but I can crank out rods pretty quick with them.
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