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necesary lures, tools, etc...

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ok finnaly what lures tools and other things are necesary or good to have on a 3 1/2 day offshore tuna trip assume i have nothing but rods reels and line no lures or anything else :cool:
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Here's an article from TJ here on the site. This is where I started for my first trip. It's good info.

Learn to tie good knots. The more you tie and break through testing, the better prepared you will be.
Be careful with that list though. That is what I went by religiously. I started with a Cabelas rod and a 665 single speed and ended up with an 7 saltwater rigs, 5 for offshore, and all of them Accurates and Stellas. They are coming for my furniture and my grandchildren's clothes tomorrow. :)

They won't take your clothes, nobody would be able to stop laughing! :D
Snagged: You got that right, Podner. A lady at the office the other day was laughing at something I said and I told her I'm not used to female laughter when I'm fully clothed.

Newkid: I am not anywhere near the expert most of these other folks are, and won't pretend to be, but one thing I have done, starting with the link supplied above, was to ask a lot of the same questions you have about gearing up and to read virtually every post on the Tackle section of this board and others as well. So basically, I conducted a survey and what I came up with is this as far as terminal tackle:

My betters will correct any omissions or mis-statements on my part but here is what I bought:

(1) Some top-water poppers. In my own case I bought two each of all 3 of the OTI types of popper, 3 flying fish (if you are serious about really big fish, see MrBill's article on this board about re-rigging them--I have not yet.
(2) Jigs: I picked up 3 each diamond jigs in each of 6 oz, 8 oz, 10 oz, and a couple of 16 ounce (probably overkill.) I bought 2 each of all the "J" jigs offered by 360 (link on this board) plus a few Shimano butterfly jigs.
(3) Other lures: a couple of Braid Runners (I may use them for casting as opposed to trolling), a couple of Super Traps which absolutely must be re-rigged with new hooks and bigger split rings,
(4) My own secret weapon: several 5 ounce and 7 ounce Luhr-Jensen Krokodile spoons. I have never yet heard spoons mentioned on any board regarding offshore tackle--I'm sure they have been, but not to my knowledge. I have found the spoon to the a killer in all other types of SW and FW fishing, so the first thing I throw when I actually get out to one of the rigs will be one of these humongous spoons--very heavy for their size and they cast like a bullet. I have not yet decided whether to remove the treble hook yet. But I definitely intend to fish them with one or two BIG assist hooks. The treble does not look that strong, but I tried to cut one off unsuccessfully with a heavy pair of side cutters.

As far as hooks for chunking, and bottom rigs, they are all over this board.

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