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    We left dock aboard the 105' lady frances out of Point Judith Rhode Island at 10:40 pm monday night. we steam out to the canyons and around 6:00 am tuesday morning we begin to troll looking for a spot to anchor up that night. we pick up 2 longfin and a yellowfin and then the bite shuts down. we anchor up around 5:30 - 6 and begin chunking and jigging the jg bite never gets goin but soething incredible happens. a line on the other side of the boat goes of and 30 min later a 44 inch sword comes to leader and is released, shortly after another hit this time a big boy comes to gaff bamm 200 pound estimated sword in the boat we ended that night with 1 release 2 big mothers in the boat and 5 more lost due to line break spolled reels or pulled and or straightend hooks did see one come to surface pushing 300. we begin to troll again and huge wahoo crah the spread we lost all 3 due to the fish biting through the mono. picked up a few chicken mahi then decided to drift a weed patch for shyts ad gigs only after seeing hundreds of mahi under 1 patch 1 hour later to many mahi in the boat to count. we anchored and the night bite never turned on nothing .... we troll a lil the final day thursday before heading in and all of a sudden tuna topwater busting everywhere
    we picked up 35 - 40 yellowfin over the next 3 hours then bite shuts down and we head home got back at around 6:30 pm thursday good trip overall
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    good report, Tony. Glad to see you finally got out to use all your new gear
    and newfound knowledge. Gettin' on the tuna there @ the end must have really made the trip for you!
    tight lines

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    Sounds like a good trip, the swords were hungry.