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i know most have seen this but i just thought i would post it up.

here is a short explanation from Albemarle Boats.

Albemarle Boats would like to congratulate Dennis Meinhart, owner of the 410 Convertible Sea Wolf, for an outstanding catch on Sunday, December 17, 2006. After a four and a half hour fight, Meinhart and crew boated an 875 lb Blue Fin Tuna. Caught out of Beaufort Inlet, the fish is a pending North Carolina State record, smashing the previous record by more than one hundred pounds.


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Hey TJ, how much does one like that go for in japan?
They fought the fish too long (4 1/2 hours). They probably got $7-8 per pound. The average price of bluefin tuna caught in NC now is about $10 - 13 per pound.
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