NC Labor Day Weekend Jigfest!

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    OK, time for another NC Jigfest!! We've done this a couple of times and its been such a blast, gotta do it again! This time it’s over Labor Day weekend. Primary target will be large, 100+ AJ’s, but there should be a great variety of other species (grouper, mahi, wahoo, etc.) to keep everyone occupied. Jigging heaven! Those of you who’ve done this before know this can be simply insane fishing! Those of you who haven’t, it’s an experience you don’t want to miss. Even if you don’t get the magic 100+ AJ, the “small” 50 – 80 lbs. will wear you out! Seriously, one drop, one fish! :eek:

    Here’s the scoop. 2 days, 2 boats (with a slight chance of a 3rd). We’ve got a total of 8 spots, 5 already "reserved", and 3 more completely open. This is first come, first serve. After we fill 8 spots, if there is still interest, we’ll start a waiting list. Obviously, if the 3rd boat becomes available, we’ll take the first 4 from the waiting list. Details are as follows:

    Location: Wilmington, NC

    Dates: Sat. & Sun., 8/30 & 8/31

    Cost: (incl. both days, does not include tip)

    8 people = $400
    7 people = $450
    6 people = $500

    (If gas prices escalate significantly from where they are today, there may also be a modest fuel surcharge.)

    Boats: Chip (cbaker77, 23' Contender) & Rick (Living Waters Charters, 23' Onslow Bay)

    There is some possibility that a 3rd boat (Mike from Live Line on a 31' Contender) might become available, but I think its a long shot.

    These are great captains, appreciate jigging, and really know how to put us on fish!

    The 5 spots currently reserved are:
    1) Al
    2) Glenn (gman)
    3) Anthony (Glenn's son)
    4) Brian (JerseyBrian)
    5) Me

    We can answer questions and work out other details as we get closer. If you’re going to fly, look into reservations now since it’s a holiday. I’ll be driving and can probably take a couple of folks with me (I’m near Philly). Oh, and if people are interested in making things a bit more "sporting" through a little "competition", we'd certainly be receptive.

    Let's get signed up! It’s going to be a great trip!! :)
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    3 weeks to the NC Jigfest! We still have 3 spots open for sure. This is gonna be a blast! Non-stop action! If you can make it, you certainly don't want to miss it! :) Also, Wilmington/Wrightsville Beach is a great place to vacation, so if you have a significant other or even a family, bring 'em along. Plenty to do there. And since its a holiday weekend, you'll want to make your plans early.

    Let us know and don't let those spots get away! ;)

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    OK, we're 2 weeks from the Labor Day Jigfest and still have a couple spots open! I could repeat myself about the fishing there, but thats boring. Instead, let me just repeat here what Glenn (gman) said on another site about the fishing there.

    Originally Posted by gman
    "guys your going to the one place on the planet other than one spot off florida and the canary Islands where trophy sized AJ's roam. triple digit fish are there and you will hook up on just about every single drop.

    They will kick your ass on the first couple of fish before you find your rythm then hopefully you will ignore the pain and drop again, and again and again. Brian they fight like a freight train and teh faster you jig the faster you will hook up

    Honestly I haven't fished that hard in years. I didn't rest or stop just kept dropping and catching. Im still trying to find away to get there"

    (For those of you who don't know, Glenn is an expert fisherman whose fished all over the world. He went with us on the last trip at the end of May.)

    And if you need more evidence of what Glenn is talking about, check out Sea Draggin's video he just posted here and elsewhere:

    YouTube - AJ Dropping

    'Nuff said! You don't want to miss this!! ;)