Navy Chief goes Fishing

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    Navy Chief goes fishing
    The rain had stopped and there was a big puddle in front of the bar
    just outside the American Legion Post.

    A rumpled old Navy Chief was standing near the edge with a fishing
    line in the puddle.

    A curious young Marine fighter pilot came over to him and asked what
    he was doing.

    "Fishing," the old Chief simply said.

    "Poor old chief," the Marine officer thought to himself and invited
    the old Navy Chief into the bar for a drink.

    As he felt he should start a conversation while they were sipping
    their spirits, the young jet pilot winked at another pilot and asked
    the Chief, "How many have you caught today?"

    "You're number 14," the old Chief answered, taking another sip from
    his double shot of 12-year-old Scotch, "2 Air Force, 3 Navy and 9
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    Gotta watch those Chiefs. They aren't as dumb as they want you to think they are.