nancen 8/1-8/3

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    posting a pic of an AJ that was chewed on by a porpoise. we thought we had a monster something, the capt back the boat, the fight was on for +30 minutes. we see a porpoise sufacing every now and then, but the fight was 100' deep. then our catch was released. we figured that he was toying with the aj. our next stop, my avet lx got spooled. i think it's the same fish. so i lock drags to save line. i guess he was p.o'ed about losing te aj.
    there were 3 other boats trolling nancen on 8/2. anyone here?

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    was your lx spooled with braid? that lx will hold alot of braided line. i bet seeing that reel getting smoked was worth the price of the lost line.