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Name this fish.

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Can someone tell me what kind of fish is this? This shinny little fish is about 4" long.
This was from GEM (Gulf Exploration Mission-2003) trip we scooped it up with dipnet.


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Not sure Tj, looks like some kind of mackeral.. Nice site by the way!!
Hey Bret

WElcome and thank you for sign up.
Untill today, we still couldn't find out what kind of fish it was.

If you have fishing video and pictures, please post it on the Gallery.
Thank DrShark and welcome.

Are you going to go on Big E September trip?
Looks like a tinker mackerel..? Not sure though, but Bret is right. A mac! You can always call it bait!
I think it is Scomber japonicus, the chub mackerel. Some folks do call it a tinker mackerel in some parts. They are actually very common deep in the Gulf but will run on the surface as well.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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