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Hey guys,

For those of you teaching kids to fish I wanted to pass on a link to free First Fish Awards. The awards allow you to document the day and trip when your child caught his first fish. The awards are pdf files that can be downloaded and printed out. Each award is suitable for framing. There are two versions, with or without photo. I'm giving one to my nephew in a couple of days and I'm as excited as I think he will be. I think a framed certificate with his goofy smile while holding up that monster one pound panfish will make his day. And I hope his friends will look at that award each time they visit and think about going fishing with us instead of spending the day with Nintendo.

See these first fish awards.

And if the child is 13 or older they can have their own fishing web page with a personalized url. On it they can insert whatever fishing related content they like (pics, youtube). Everybody gets a free page but children must be at least 13.

Enjoy and take a kid fishing. As much fun as catching your own fish, ba
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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