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Discussion in 'HUNTING' started by Earl, Dec 9, 2007.

  1. Earl

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    My brother and I headed to a ranch south of Dallas yesterday that has both fallow and red deer for a red stag hunt.

    The rifle and Remington .270 130gr PSP's worked fine. Other things (and hunters) didn't.

    We arrived in the morning at the place raring to go. We were put out into stands with the areas baited with corn. My brother is the first to shoot, a big 7x6 Stag - about 5 years old.

    Shortly after a 4 year old 6x5 presents a broadside shot to me - I was looking to be careful with my shot placement due to the load I was hunting with (no shoulder shots). There were bigger bulls there as shown by the one my brother took but I was concerned if I'd get a shot at one or not so took the 6x5 thinking he'd taste good, had a beautiful coat and mane, and would look nice on the wall.

    He dropped in his tracks with the .270.

    With mine down I go back to help my brother and the others load his Stag. Here is where things start going wrong.

    On the way over there of course I come accross a bigger bull a 7x7 at least...oh well, got one - can't afford another (not to mention all the meat...)

    I had no idea how dang big these animals are. Five grown men couldn't lift his stag. In the process, I hurt my right arm (and I'm right handed). I won't know until the MRI is done on Monday, but I'm pretty sure I've damaged a tendon or ligament in the forearm between the wrist and elbow.

    Well things could have been worse, I could have not shot my stag yet as I wouldn't be able to now. We didn't take any photos of my brothers stag on the ground, but have a few of it in the shed prior to dressing it.

    We go back to my stag, it is smaller but still takes several grown men to move it. We took pictures of mine (or so I thought). I being damaged goods turned the camera duties over to my brother. He must have flubbed it as there are no pics of my stag on the camera! Ugggh....

    Well I guess I'll post up a picture of the mount when I get it back from American Taxidermy in Terrel.

    I do have a photo here of my brothers stag - just wish like anything I had a picture of mine to show everyone. I thought I finally had a nice photo of a tropy..I guess it happens.

    Other than the arm injury, a pretty good day with my brother and my son - my son enjoyed watching all of the red and fallow deer.

    Here is a photo of my brother with his stag.


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  2. Bret

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    Dang Earl,sorry to hear about the arm. Glad you and your brother were able to get your Red Stags.. Too bad about the pics.. You'll have plenty of meat for the freezer.... I look forward to seeing pics of your mount.

  3. MrBill

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    I put a slug into one of those Red Stags at a high priced game ranch about ten years ago. They are big. The stags average about 450 pounds live weight. They also live a long life. Average life span is 20 years compared to 3 for a whitetail. I would have used a bigger caliber than a .270, but you were probably in a high fenced pasture so tracking would have not been a problem.

    Congrats, on your red stag. They are an awesome animal and the meat is very good. Tastes just like elk. I think the red deer are from the elk family anyway.

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  4. Earl

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    Yes they are closely related to the elk. Third in size next to Elk and Moose. I would have used something heavier but .270 is all I have to hunt with and it was sighted in with the 130gr Remingtons so that is what I used. Tracking wasn't needed on either of our animals but it wouldn't be too difficult where we were (woods but not too thick).