My new tuna jigging rod

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by ksong, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. ksong

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    I got my new 7'6" St. Croix custom rod from Rodwinder along with 7'6" OTI custom rod this morning. Both are rated to 80 lbs and are acid wrapped.
    The St. Croix rod from 4M76XHF blank is amazing.
    I think the rod/blank is the lightest among 7'6" rods/blanks rated to 80 lbs. The blank weighs only 5 1/2 oz and the completed rod weighs only 12 1/2 oz !
    The only question is the light rod can endure heavy pressure of tuna.
    I am going to test the rod intensively on upcoming tuna trips.

    OTI's 7'6" popping blank is used for the custom conventional acid wrapped rod. Due to the recent airline new regulations, we can not carry over 7' rods for free on airplanes anymore. I found the two-piece OTI's 7'6" rods rated to 80 lbs is a good choice for trevaling
    on airplane and the blanks are strong enough for any tuna under 150 lbs. I even carry-on the two-piece rods on airplanes. :)

    Beautiful wrapping job by rodwinder
    St Croix 7'6" conventional rod


    OTI 7'6" conventional rod
  2. TBaker

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    Beautiful rods, Kil! Can't wait to hear the reports! :)

  3. Bazztex

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    A guy in Norway recently caught a 1300# Shark on the 6ft St Croix Jig blank wrapped by Bar Bar on Ebay.

  4. Capt Richie

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    Kil how many times can I say WOW there great.. Rodwinder does a+++ work..
  5. ksong

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    Kil how many times can I say WOW there great.. Rodwinder does a+++ work..
    It is much easier to work with rodwinder as he is a life time fisherman himself as he knows what my intention is and what I want.
  6. paul708

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    5 1/2 oz st croix. nice blank
    good luck with it
    ralph does some nice work