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I can land a 100 tuna within 15 minutes even I use 2/0 size reel and 8' long rod because I can give 25 lbs drag and I am pretty good at using the rail. :)
However a 200 lbs tuna is a different story. Fist of all, the max drag I can give is about 25 lbs at strike as I have to use only 80 lbs braided line for line capacity problem with 2/0 size reel. If I use 665 instead, I have a chance to land a 200 lbs within 30 minutes as I can use 100-130 lbs braided line and can give over 30 lbs drag at strike.

Can you give me 45 minutes before you cut my line ? :)

Ksong - How much 130 braided can you fit on a 665? I know you said that at 25lbs of drag this keeps the 200lb fish at runs of around 200 yards. Doesn't this cut it kinda close?
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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