Most popular Tuna rods??

Discussion in 'Pelagics' started by fishead, Oct 12, 2006.

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    I will be going out on the Capt. John next month and don't know which or how many rods to take. I have pretty much decided to take 3 rods and 5 reels, 1. Chaos 50-100 w/Avet EX, 2. Calstar 700m, 3. Seeker Extreme 20-50 6'8", reels would be Avet LX,Avet JX, Pro Gear 280 and Pro Gear 251. All reels are loaded w/ spectra and top shots of mono, both Pro Gears have had Carbon Tech carbon fiber drags installed and both little reels will pull more than 30 lbs. of drag. I would just swap reels for differant types of fishing. Or should I pack more STUFF w/ me, I also have both Seeker and Calstar 6460's, a Chaos 30-50 roller stripper and tip and assorted nice 20-50 lbs setups. Guess I'm just wondering how many rods and reels you seasoned veterans pack on a 36 hour trip. Oh and I have more poppers and knife jigs than I can carry.
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    You are in great shape. Don't sweat it. You will likely be fishing Cerveza, Little Sister, etc. Mostly jigging for blackfin. Keep that Chaos/Avet ready with a flourocarbon leader in case you pull up to a deep shrimper with YFT on it.