Morehead City NC top water AJ's fun

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    Morehead City is a place that always impresses me every time I visit.
    George, John C, John V, Fai and Heng joined the party with Capt John of Procrastinator Charter.
    Our original plan was going offshore for some deep jigging pain but the storm and the super moon’s super current made us decided to stay inshore.
    Left the dock at 5.30am and about five miles away from the shore, we saw a lot of bait activity on top water, first cast BOOM!! I came tight, next was George and follow by everyone with feisty top water AJs and they are really aggressive, they were gobbling up all our offerings every single cast! Sizes range from 10 to 30 maybe 40lbs. Seriously I can take these top water AJ’s action all day long and it was so much fun with light tackle set up but unfortunately about an hour later, the sharks found us, we felt bad after landing torn up fish with only the head left dangling… so we decided to move.
    After the move, we tried jigging in about 120ft of water, “DAMN” the super strong current, we needed 400g and heavier to reach the bottom. We did have some good markings but those fish look like they are locked jaw and the drift was way too fast, we managed to land some seabasses and John C with a grouper, Capt John was pulling hair out of his head and working real hard to put us into fish, finally in 80ft of water he found a big school of hungry AJ which we got them on jigs and top water.
    Special thanks to Capt John, he is the man who always putting extra time and extra effort to put us into action, and above all, great times and even greater company.

    Tackle used,
    Popping – El Maestro(prototype), Stealth, Spinal Rod
    Jigging – Saltywater Tackle OBX400(prototype), Saltywater Tackle OBX500, Valley Hill Mogi Special, Valley Hill Maori Spirit, Smith AMJ 52H and 52M, Shimano Blue Rose 4815, JM rod
    Reel – Shimano Ocea Jigger, Torsa, Stella, Sustain, Studio Ocean Mark L120, Daiwa Saltiga, Accurate and JM
    Lure – Shout, Hot’s, CB One, Smith, Deep Liner

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    Outstanding catch guys.

    Hey John, why so serious?
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    Gr8 shots fellas!
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    John is the man, he always finds the action! Glad you had a good trip Sami.