Morehead city JIGGING COMPETITION report june 11-12

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    want to thank Jim from eastern tackle for setting this up.
    And also Zack for the great BBQ..after

    The decision to fish the competion was pretty easy,
    But as most of you guys know, my mom has been in the hospital for for almost 3weeks.
    And with your prayers.
    she was doing very well a day before i had to leave.
    also thanks to my wife, for helping while i was gone, and understanding..

    The trip started with my fishing buddy Andy driving down from north jersey,
    We left from Ridley Pa, about 9am thursday morning.
    nice easy ride down..took about 8 1/2 hrs.

    The Captain meeting was at 7PM.
    There were alot of the guys there.
    We all had a great time meeting each other and talking for a few hours.

    The fishing was to begin fri at 7am and go to about 5pm.

    We met PONCE at the dock at 5am, ready to go
    ponce has a great 24' center.
    We shoved off right on schedule, waited around the no wake zone for the other boats, and headed out as a group.
    The guys chose to fish areas close together, A good idea, We could see each other getting hooked up and catching some sweet fish.

    The first day travel was a little sporty, we made it out doing about 17knots or so.
    Safe travel, and go to the fishing grounds in good time.

    We set up over some good numbers, The fish were there, We caught some real nice AJ , Grouper, and a few other types of fish.
    We were all JIGGING and all catching fish, Most of us were hooked up at the same time.
    There was a mix of spin and conv tackle being used.
    And a good mix of rod and reels.
    The eastern tackle jigs in chartruese worked very well, speed jigging, and yo-yo style
    And it was very good to see how the different rods work the jigs for the AJ's.
    This will help me get first hand info with some new rods i am trying for these guys.
    These are awesome fish.

    Day one ended with everyone catching a variety of fish and a good amount of fish, We were all pretty worn out.

    The ride in was a good till we got hit with a wave from the side. everyone found a new place in the boat.
    We got our positions back, and continued in.
    day one finished.

    Day 2.

    I was scheluled to go with Dean and Mitch on their 25 CAT, i have never ridden in a cat so i was pumped to get the chance to try it out.
    no way i was going to miss it.
    They were staying at the the same hotel so i rode over to the boat with them, My friend Andy did not make the trip, as he was feeling under the weather before we even started the journey.

    We were the only group to go out today, and were hoping for a good fish to weigh in.
    After arriving at the dock, dead still calm, I decided to test the water temp with my left leg, warm and wet.
    Deans boat is SWEET, man the thing rides nice, We had a great trip out to the grounds.
    The fishing was pretty steady with a variety of fish.
    We jigged some nice AJ's. black seabass, shark, and had mahi and cobia on poppers,and were playing keep away with a cuda.
    a lot of great fishing.

    My best fish of the trip, was a toss up.
    I had my first AJ on a jig, i think we estimated them about 40something pounds.
    And my biggest JIGGED fish a Shark, about 150#
    I hope the guys post some pics of the shark, so we can ID it.

    early in the trip, i left a gift for the fish gods.
    i hope they take care of me this year.

    Overall a VERY GREAT trip, well worth the drive.

    Dean won the jig prize. View attachment 7374

    tony baker had some nice fish on his new custom JPR rod View attachment 7373
    View attachment 7375

    and a nice group ...with a few guys missing.. View attachment 7372

    a few of the boats.. View attachment 7371 .
    another View attachment 7370

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    i was using my Custom JPR / OTI prototypes.
    the spinner oti 2pc2.jpg .
    View attachment 7379
    along with the diawia saltiga 50 and the stella 10K

    the conventional caught a sweet shark est 150# on a OTI JUMBO JIG. View attachment 7377

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    dusky BTW paul
  4. bigscrnman

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    thanks for the report and pics Paul! I am still hoping to come to the east coast to fish this year, I will drop a line if I can make it to your neck of the woods! BTW I was looking at the 5'2 conventional....and wondering have you tried to do a spinner the same way? That would make a great travel rod!!!
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    Are those guides turned on the conventional? That's awesome, looks like it'll prevent the line from looped around the top eye. Does it effect rod performance in any way?
    Good to see some nice fish.
    yeah man..there twisted up,,we do alot of rods like that.
    it keeps the rod stable when fighting a fish...
    here is a review.
  6. paul708

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    Nice, I've gotta get down there and check out your stuff. I have a feeling my spending $$ next month is already gone :)
    yeah,, your close..take the ride...guarentte it will be worth it:D
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    Are those guides turned on the conventional? That's awesome, looks like it'll prevent the line from looped around the top eye. Does it effect rod performance in any way?
    Good to see some nice fish.

    Its the only way to go with custom conventions. Almost completely eliminates the top eye looping and takes all the sideways torque out of the pull. I know tbaker has a really good shot of my 200g rod loaded. Also that style allows you to use lighter rods, which bend more and takes more of the pressure and force off the angler.

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    yeah,, your close..take the ride...guarentte it will be worth it:D

    I can second that. :D

    Great pics guys!

    BIGSWORDY Senior Member

    Quick question where did you guys get thos ijig shirts they're sweet?!