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The last three weeks have been a blur for me. I did have a break of a week in between for a little lobster diving for mini season and some fun fishing down in Florida. Before I left for vacation the tuna fishing was as good as it gets with the fish close and very cooperative that is if you had the right bait. Getting the right bait was the key to easy catches of nice yellows. Catching the bait was the hard part of the day and took the most time. But it was on once you found some threadfin not being chased by kingfish. I have been using heavier tackle for the tuna since they have bee fighting harder than normal. And when the bite is on it is no time to mess around with light tackle.

The week after my break the fishing remained the same with the tuna still inside the only little change is that if you didn’t find the threadfin they would eat tuna crack or disco minnows. During the week I was able to get in two swordfishing trips. The first one started off real good with a fish that according to the mathematical calculations would weigh in the 190-200lb ranges. Unfortunately the next trip results were not the same as we went 0 for 2. The only thing we caught that night before calling it quits at midnight was a sailfish and a shark. I guess you can call it a billfish release but I couldn’t tag the fish since the tag would have been larger than the sailfish. The little sailfish swam up to my green/ultraviolet swordlight. This light attracts all kinds of bait and UFO’s. The weather has kept me at the dock the last few days. But I will be back chasing the tuna for a few days starting Thursday and hopefully a swordfish or two. Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks.
Capt. Mike

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