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More OTT then the OTT baby

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Hmmmm, just given a popping blank over to get painted cobalt blue. This one is for me as I gotta build one to replace the 'over the top baby'. I was made an offer too good to refuse for it. The seat is also getting painted the same color, have enough cobalt blue EVA, have a set of TLCSGs handy too. Now should I go to town on this one!
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Well I finally got off my arse a few weeks ago and continued this build. I wanted to run a simple deco wrap that would suit the rods cosmetics and having absolutely no flair for that kind of threadwork, set about trying to learn. Capt Richie was very helpful

Here is my pathetic effort, go on laugh but please be gentle

Well done Rohit
for a crosswrap L-plater you did good.
What are you running yourself down about
- its straight
- it closed well
- its got a nice pattern

Nothing to giggle about there, its a very nice job.
.........see.........it wasn't all that daunting after all.
Now you can create your OTT themes with even more bling now that you can unleash yourself with cross wrap patterning.
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Here's the one I'm working on .It still needs a little work before finish.
Like I said ,I think I like yours better. Course, Your also better with a camera:D
I like this one too. DO you have instructions for this pattern?
Thank you Denis. I think I'll tackle another one on the next rod. I really like the look of some of the 3D ones posted on RBO
Never did get around to building this rod. After a long time spending energies in other activities, I am getting back into fishing again and thinking about reviving this build

Any of you guys still around on this site?
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