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More ducks Nov 22-26

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Well...we went on a 5 day killin' spree! It turned out well.

Here's a few pics.


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Your freezer full yet? Once it is, feel free to donate a duck. I havent had one in a while and dont think I will be doing any hunting this year. Lots of fishing to do and not enough time to do it. Good slaughter as usuall but I wouldnt expect anything less.


Keith, I'm trying to stock the freezer so I can make some summer sausage and hot links out of duck. I think I need 2-3 more good hunts and I will have enough.

Give me a couple weeks and I'll bring you some. How do you want them prepared? Breasted? Plucked?

I'm just the opposite as far as hunting/fishing. No fishing for me until duck season is over with!
Man, you have been tearing up the ducks... So..... did you make Turducken for turkey day?????

Bret, we have been on the ducks fairly well. We have killed 144 ducks and 10 geese between 3 of us.

No Turducken for turkey day as I was busy killin' those ducks in the pics!:D
I think I see a couple of cinnamon teal's in the pile. Ross, have you seen many buffleheads or canvasbacks this year?

MrBill, there is 1 cinnamon teal in those pics. The rest of the teal are Greenwing Teal. The one pic with the 6 Mallards, 2 Pintail, and 2 Teal is the one with the cinnamon.

As for buffies or cans, seen more than I care to! In one of my spots we have seen well over 5,000 divers including Redheads, Cans, Bluebills, Ringnecks, and Buffies. I don't care for the divers, but they do make for a fun hunt every once in a while. I'm puddle duck man myself and prefer Greenheads over anything as the way they work is magical!
Here's a better pic of the Cinnamon Teal.


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Love the cinnamon! Have you seen the one from last year stuffed?

Here's the one from last year:


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