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Monster Size Pig

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Check out this huge pig just shot with a 50 caliber pistol. It's huge!!!!!!!!!:eek:

BIGGER than Hogzilla
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I don't know how a 11 yr old kid could even shoot that .50 cal. Huge gun, tons of recoil. Glad he was able to do it.

They said they were gonna get 700 lbs of sausage out of it. I'm not sure I'd wanna eat it. And hams the size of car tires? Huge
I am positive about eating anything that came from a boar hog. I can smell that stench when it cooks. The boar smell carries over to the meat. YUCK. Gimme a sow or a male that has been castrated.
That pig is huge... and I am sure nasty as they come... .
the smell thing when they are big is hit and miss, imo. i have eaten some 250 and up and some where awful and some were the best tastin' pork chops i have ever eaten.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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