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Left from biloxi on monday with a friend headed to Venice. We poked around the Chedeleur islands and the shallow field rigs on the way. Mainly looking fo cobia. saw none.
We made it to cypress cove and stayed overnight.We left venice at five in the morning. No fog or any problems on the Mississippi river as we headed out south pass. the water was like glass and we were treated to an awesome sunrise over the water

Our goal was tuna so we quickly made bait at some rigs. i jigged up a nice almaco jack while we were there. I only brought my OTi 400g/stella 8kfa as i wanted to see what it had. it handled the 25 pound jack with ease.
We headed south in search for tuna. at the shelf rigs we found no tuna. so we headed for the floaters. the water was slick.

we got to ursa and saw no life on top. we put out a spread to see what we could churn up. nothing. we stopped and i jigged for a while as we saw some marks around 350 feet. one hit but it pulled. we moved to mars and saw lots of fish on the finder but nothing would eat anything we had. the water was almost cobalt but still a little off. it was almost a full moon so i think the tuna were feeding at night.
we headed north. a few miles from the floaters we found a huge weed line. mahi were all over it. I caught my first bull on a popper. i used a yozuri hydrotiger. it went apeshit jumping and all that. very cool sight. no pictures because we were busy loading the box with chickens. on the same weed line we found a log with two tripletails. we fed them a pink bucktail jig and "cain polled" them both right in the boat. saw some frigate birds circling down the weed line so we moved down. a huge pod of bonita. we played with them on topwater for a minute. from under the pod came a huge spotted mass. It was a whale shark. it came right up to the stern to say hi and left. Of corse we were knee dee in bonita blood and couldnt get the camera in time for a good shot. i wanted to swim with it but decided it wasnt a good idea.
we went back to the shelf rigs to catch some amberjack. first drop i almost got spooled. i assume it was a huge AJ as we couldnt get anything by them. we were in seven hundred feet of water and the sounder showed us at two hundred they were so thick.no real monsters but lots of 30-40 pounders. I loved the 400g OTI. it handled the 3-400g jigs all day. it was very easy for me to jig with even at very deep drops. super combo. some of those AJ's just coudnt be stopped with my stella 8k. i am using pe 5 but the monsters just cant be stopped before getting in the rigs. I had my drag locked and held the spool on some of them.

With plenty of both AJ's and almaco jacks we decided to head towards venice. on one of the rigs i decided to drop a jig to the bottom in five hundred feet just to see whats down there. I do this every trip once or twice because jigging a 350g jig or fighting a fish from that depth isnt very fun. I ended up catching a longtail sea bass on a jig almost as long as it! very pretty fish. why are fish that deep so colorful?

as i was reeling up my deep drop bass my friend hooked into a monster. we were right on the rig so we moved away real quick. he landed a nice 70-80 pound AJ on a trevala xxh/Avet 6.1 and a nine dollar wiliamson jig!. not the best picture but the fish wasnt co-operating.

after that a long run to venice. It was my first time running into south pass so it was a nice learning experience. we got to cypress cove to find all of venice was out of power. we coldnt get there so we had to go up river. this put us about an hour out of our way. we snuck trough a small pass into bretton sound and headed back to biloxi. the only time we had even partial chop was an hour out of biloxi we came across the outskirts of a thunderstorm and had slop.
It was a long trip and i was disappointed to not catch any tuna, but i had a blast and it was a real adventure.
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