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My Father in law is on break from his job in Afghanistan so we had to go fishing. The weather wasn't perfect but at least there was some wind to cool off the 98 degree air.
we left the port of Pascagoula at 8:45am after throwing the cast net for bait. nothing but jellyfish. we stopped at the bait boat and picked up a ******* dozen(30+) live shrimp just in case the chop was to much for us.
We hit the barrier islands and it looked real nice. solid one footers with wind chop. nothing my 19' sea hunt couldn't handle. we cast in the first color change past the islands and picked up 10 small hardtails and a few spanish mackerel.
Then it was off to some wrecks to get our limit of Snapper. it was slow going as i am used to running at 40 mph. we did about 22-25 in the chop comfortably. passed the first set of rigs and made it to the first wreck and there was 2 boats on it. I found out later that the Biloxi Annual fishing rodeo had started and there was 10,000 boats everywhere!!!
I dug in my gps and found some obscure numbers that i had success on in the past and headed for them. first was an old shrimp boat in 75 feet of water. my father in law was dead set on fishing those live hardtails. i let him and i went with my trusty FC monster custom/ cabo 60 setup. it took us a while to find a good drift but when we did we found fish. First snapper weighed in at 12 pounds on a 230g ink shimano jig. we got a few more bites but not takers.
we drifted far off the wreck and were visited by a small cobia. he tried to eat a live hardtail but just couldn't do it.
we left him and went to a sunken Tug boat in 90 feet of water. first drop with the same 230g pink shimano jig i got a good hit on bottom then just dead weight. turned out to be a doormat flounder. at the house he weighed 5.5 pounds, my personal best. should have entered him in the rodeo...
My Father in law decided to jig now with only one solid hit on the live bait. teeth marks looked like a big grouper. next two passes were both doubles on big snapper. biggest was 13.5 pounds. we ended up catching our limit without any undersized by catch. I have never not had to weed through small fish before finding keepers before.
the wind had picked up to about 15 knots so we headed north. on the way in we found a school of feeding bonita. I casted a 1 oz. silver crippled herring on my stradic 4000fi/ falcon 70mh combo. crazy fun on light tackle. the drag clicker actually broke off on one of the runs!!! they wern't huge, maybe 10-15 pounds, but it was a nice end to our trip.
It was nice to get to fish with my Father in law. He has a tough road in front of him so its nice we got a good trip in now. He ended up loosing a few jigs but i used the same jig all day long!!! We didnt chum so there were no kings or sharks to be seen.i did get a pretty deep slice on my palm from the gill plate of the first snapper i caught. you can see me bleeding in the pic..lol. also for the record i left my sun glasses at the house and had to buy some from the gas station.

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