Mini yummee flyers

Discussion in 'Tackle and Rigging' started by Dlove, Jan 3, 2007.

  1. Dlove

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    Picked up some of the new yummee mini flyers has anyone had a chance to try them out. They look like you could get better hook ups with them as opposed to the full sized frenzy's because they are truely bite sized tuna should inhale them. Dolphin will probably love them to.
  2. Pope

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    I just hope their smaller size doesn't appeal to the blackfins so much a yellowfin has less of a chance to get to them first.

  3. Snagged

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  4. DeepBlueGulf

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    I picked up a pair last year and rigged them for casting. The trip I was going to test them on got cancelled so never got to try them out.

    Like Snagged said, the fact that they sink can be a problem. If someone were to come out with one that floated and was castable out to the darkness, I think it would be a killer topwater lure. I've cast the full size Frenzy and Yummees and gotten a few fish that way, but think the smaller size would be better.

  5. SkeeterRonnie

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    would there be a way to stuff some styrofoam peanuts in one?? maybe open it up, hollow out some of the plastic.. insert the peanuts, then superglue closed??? ona cold, dreary day it could kill some time rigging them.
  6. Deep_Sea_Gull

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    I'll stick with the Frenzy full sized flying fish. The tunas that I want to catch have no problems inhaling them.
  7. jig

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    I believe yummee has 3 sizes now: a 4", a 7" and a 9". The 7" is supposed to float I think. Two pack for $18.99 at BPS, rigged. Might have to look into these.
  8. Pope

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    The 7s float.
  9. Reel Screamers

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    I was given some last year to field try. We initially started rigging them with live bait hooks and were casting them from a spinning outfit. They were not quite heavy enough to get a good cast but on the overnighters, you really do not need to cast that far.

    What we found worked the best was to set them out behind the boat and let it drag while we were drifting and chunking. Worked pretty good on black and a a few yellows.

    Yes the smaller size is going to get you a few blackfin hits but that is not a real problem. What is good about them is when the hatch you are trying to match is small flying fish, you have something to throw.

    I hit the store at the same time as one of our other captins to give a review of how they were working. We both reported the same thing, we wanted them pre-drilled with a hole down the middle to make a chain out of them for trolling. The store owner called the Yummie rep while we were there and we were told that they were going to add a mold that would allow them to make them with the hole, we will see.

    The small ones are not large enough to place styrofoam into. I had an idea to shoot them up with air from a syring but have not tried that one yet.
  10. jig

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    I got a 2 pack of the 7 inch glow/blue at FTU. Believe they were $17. They sink, but there is also one that floats. FTU did not have it though. But I figure as fast as I usually skip them, they should stay on the top. I like the medium size and it looks like a good design. weighs about an oz less than the biggest, but with a lower profile i am hoping it will cast as far. Will see in feb and may.
  11. Bazztex

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    I haven't put my hands on them yet but Frenzy has a smaller floating 6" Bite Sized Ballistic Flyer You can see them at &

    Port A Outfitters is listed as a Texas Vendor.