Milk crate?

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    I was wondering if anyone has a step by step for putting together the milk crate rod holder. I was planning on using 2-3 zip ties per pvc piece, but I am sure some of you have better ways. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Milk crates have been discussed on this board to some extent. So some
    backlog info is on file. What I see you asking about is what I would understand as.
    An OMC, original milk crate. ZIP TYES plastic rod holders or PVC secured to the inside. this is a fine set up.
    Then consider haveing plastic storage boxes to fit inside crate. Sportmans dry box will fit fine 2 each on top of each other. With weights or jigs in the lower box for C.G. (center of gravity). Bungie cords, velcro strapps are needed to hold crate in place while on boat.

    Please show us photos of your build.

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    some where on this site is the ultimate milk crate manufactured by gunsmoke. this is a must have item for any party
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    Thanks for the info and the photos, made one over the w/e.:cool:
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    Rick (mcgolfer) is correct. Gunsmoke was smart enough to develop the ultimate milk crate but it took the uber-mensch intelligence of MrBill to actually approach getting it on board a fishing craft.

    One of them could tell you exactly how many and what type of twistie ties were used in building and upgrading it. :)

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    The UMC is now sporting a new highly detailed polished stainless steel three dimentional tuna casting about six inches in length. Add another $155 to the cost of the UMC if you are keeping track.:eek:

    I've never been called a ubermensch before today. I had to look it up. Never thought of myself as