Mikkelsen/Excel 17 day report...Part 4

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    Mikkelsen/Excel 17 day report...Part 4


    A few things I forgot to mention. This trip had its own Belly Dancer, Doloris, who entertained the troops with her brand of Belly/ Break dancing.
    She is trained as a belly dancer but sometimes the rock and rolling of the boat turned it a bit more modern. More than a few red faces were the results of Doloris and her shimmy and shake. Again, this is a group who just loves to have fun with all contributing where and when they can.

    Interesting note about Tuna fishermen. Sometimes certain individuals are just meant to catch Tuna. Curt seems to catch Tuna no matter what he throws out there. His Marauder caught big tuna as well as Wahoo when it was his or Doloris's turn for the troll as we made our rounds for Wahoo. Curt was one of 4 with a tuna over 200 pounds.

    In addition to the Big Ulua I got to fish my Accurate Spinners and my own Thunder Down Under. Again, no giants but fish up to 100#'s were no problem at all with either the Twin Spin 20 or 50 size reels and the fish came in quickly. As with The Ulua, no Cows yet but give me time. The Accurate 50 can absolutely handle any size fish that swims in the Ocean. For those who are curious, I get about 540 Yds of 100# hollow J.B. Spectra and a short top shot on my Twin Spin 50.

    In addition to Curt and Doloris who just love to fish together we also had another return couple in Tom and Joanne. I cannot stress how bonding an experience fishing can be with couples. Every married couple I know who fish together have strong relationships made even stronger by this sharing of a common love. I really hope this sport gets more and more couples fishing long range. I honestly believe the Long Range fleet can put a dent in the income of Divorce Lawyers if more of us could just fish with our significant others. The Long Range mentality is changing quickly as far as once being an old boys club and now more and more women are being welcomed with open arms.
    Oh Yeah, Last year Joanne out fished her husband Tom and this year hooked up to the biggest fish of the trip and one of the biggest of the year. An amazing tuna weighing in at almost 340#'s. I think Tom was prouder of this feat than Joanne. As a note, Joanne and Doloris are beautiful women who just get "IT". They encourage men to act like themselves on these trips and sometimes even join in with the Raunch and silliness we men seem to enjoy.

    In my opinion, and I have caught heck for this in the past, we men owe it to women on board to just act like we always do in front of them. Once they step on board I really believe they just want to be one of the gang and not hinder the nastiness and male bonding we seem to do.
    A good woman will fish with her man, a great woman will let her man and everyone else just be themselves and not take insult at our antics. Again, a topic for another thread.

    Back to the fishing:

    After the first two days the fishing was just plain tough. We heard from the Q the fishing was still rough at the Bank and they chose to join us for a day. They ended up going back to the Bank after checking out the Island for a day or so. We also heard the RP had arrived at the bank and they were in the same boat so to speak.

    After several Pick days Justin decided to head out to fish outside of Roca Partida. Again, there is a buffer zone we must be conscious of but it was fun to see the split rock from the Binoculars. Unfortunately the Tuna and Wahoo must have had their Microscopes on full as they just chose not to show up. Perhaps, one day, the fleet will once again be permitted to fish inside the buffer zone but as of today we may not. It really is a reminder how great the old days were but then we did not have the technology we have today nor did we have the benefit of Mag. Bay and the Lower banks yielding the giants the are producing today.

    Somewhere around this time the weather began to pickup. We left the rock heading for the lower banks and it got interesting. We watched Victory at sea and somehow, just as we were watching the American fleet take a pounding during WWII, I went outside and saw our own version without the worry of Uboats. Nature is amazing and makes this fisherman realize we human are just not as tough as we think we are. Any prize fight held between Mankind and Mother nature, even if held at the MGM in Vegas, will always end up with a one sided win for Mom.
    I really believe she just lets us hang around so she can have a good laugh at our expense.

    We checked out the lower bank with little or nothing to show for it so up the line we go to fish some Yellowtail. Again we picked away at the yellowtail at several of Justins favorite spots, fished for 1 halibut caught by Bobby Orth and it was time to come home.

    Even with the picky conditions 17 days went by in the wink of an eye. for my buddy Pat and I we would have had no problem doing a turn around had we had the time or should a boat have been going out. The moment I stepped on the boat until I met reality back home I felt like a young kid again. I flew up and down the stairs with the aptitude of Jamie 25 years ago. My stomach and mental attitude were always at their best, though my stomach enjoyed Jason's cooking a bit too much.
    Long Range fishing is a Pill that although addictive really can cure many a human created disease. We may all be just a bit nutty but there is little mental illness when we are fishing. Stress seams to melt into the bait tanks and although we may be sore from pulling on fish it is not the same muscle ache of enduring another stress filled day at the office.

    In closing, finally, A huge thank you to all the captains, crew, staff and ownership of the Excel. Fuel consumption on this trip has to reach record numbers for a 17 dayer. The majority of our fishing time was spent chasing birds or traveling looking for fish. The mandate of the Excel is to always provide the best fishing opportunities for her customers. No way will this boat sit at anchor if conditions do not warrant it. What ever it takes and whatever it costs seems to be the key to making the Excel one of if not the premier operation in the fleet.

    Next year will be the 20th anniversary of this charter. I know, if possible I will be back as this group of charter masters, boat, crew and fishermen is amongst the best and most fun I could possibly hope to fish with.

    Oh yeah, No I still have not taken any pictures but If some come my way I will post them.

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    I just finished reading your four part story. Seems like you are fishing with a bunch of old friends. I find it amazing that some of these guys have been doing this 17-day trip since 1990. The fact that they still use 80s and 80W's with mono tells me they are fixed in their tried and true methods of fishing.

    I can see where some have past on, and I think it's great that you recognize them on the trip. Old fishing friends (past and present) and old fishing stories about them are priceless. I salute you for recognizing them on your trip.

    Some of my best stories and fishing memories are from a fishing friend that died of cancer in 2000. Not a single year goes by without someone telling stories about him. I'm finding out now that my offshore fishing friends aren't into it as much as me these days. Once they hit 45, the wear and tear on their bodies cause them to make excuses when the seas are over five feet.:mad:

    I've got one question. What size do you consider to be a "TOAD".
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    great posts...thanks for sharing with us!

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    Thank you for sharing excellent memories,nice write up