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Mexican Bowline

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Just saw this knot used to attach heavy line to a trolling skirt. She did it so fast I could knot see how she did it. Does anyone know/use this knot?
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i can see how she duzzit..... if your having trouble catching it, just pause it wherever you're losing it........ just move your cursor off the screen and a clear 'paused' picture will appear

no, i don't use that knot but would consider it in an emergency if i tested it first
This one?

i looked at that one yesterday and would say no, that was not what she tied

i'd have to tie it first then compare the two..... but sumpin tells me i'm too lazy to f-with that right now

i'll have to get backwitcha on that ;)
Snagged said:
This one?

i saw that one too, but that's knot :)rolleyes:) it

it is a bowline alright but a variation that looks like it'd be better than a standard bowline for tieing heavy mono........ i'd have to tie it again but i believe all that's happening there is the tag end comes across perpendicular to the length of the line insteada downward in line like in a standard bowline

if any o'that makes any sense

Under a different name
Thanks Bill. I am going to play around with it this weekend with some stress tests.

Under a different name

dang!---that's it! (looking at the end results)

but i'll be damned if those instructions make any sense to me
that's a flyfishing knot the "perfection loop"!!
this is the page i taught myself to tie it off

Perfection Loop

I've tied dozens of these without it ever occurring to try it to attach hooks/swivels :rolleyes:

It's a terrifically strong knot and fast to tie, I can almost do it with one hand, I've used with up to 100lb mono, and as long as you pull it tight, it will hold very well and not slip
I know the perfection loop, It does look like the Baja. But when I tie it like she does it slips? If the mexican bowline and the perfection loop is the same then I'm OK. AAAHHHAAA!!! I just tied the perfection loop and undid the loop to see how she crossed it and it worked. Mexican bowline= Perfection loop= Baja! Now I can sleep at night!
She's selling lures, lookout !!!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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