Memorial Day

Discussion in '360 Degrees Lounge' started by papio, May 21, 2009.

  1. papio

    papio Senior Member

    I'm starting Memorial Day weekend early and heading south to CC hoping to catch a few large flounders at a few secret honey holes. I'll be taking a few retired GIs and really hope to catch anything.

    Let's not forget what the celebration is really about. I salute all the military men and women past and present, and all Americans a safe and wonderful holiday. God Bless.:):) :)

  2. rtran

    rtran Senior Member

    I've got BBQs to goto sat and sun...monday is for recovery haha. My buddy and I organized a small dog get together sun while we BBQ.

  3. MrBill

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    I agree with Papio. This weekend is a celebration of our military and those that have fought for our country.
    I'm headed down as soon as I get everything done Friday. Blue water has moved in closer this week. Seas are only supposed to be 2-4s. I'll believe it when I see it. Fishing one day on my own, the other is a charter.

    Here's a picture of a floater trip from last weekend 5/16/09 on the Pelican. It was a private charter. They did pretty well for this time of year. Some big dodo's and AJ's with some nice YF's.

    Dolphin dock pretty well for a very rough last Sunday 5.17.09

    Also some dude missed the state record for a scalloped hammerhead by 1/2 pound. It was 252 1/2 pounds.

    Fishing season is about to begin.:)

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  4. d-a

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    I agree Memorial day is for Our veterans, and I know one that will start 6 straight weeks of Fishing:eek: on Memorial day. Reports and Pictures to follow:D.

  5. ksong

    ksong SPONSOR

    I have a golden tilefish charter with 25 fishermen on Memorial day.
    I hope one of out group catch elusive 60 lbs tilefish on the trip. Weather looks good so far.
  6. Fishhead56

    Fishhead56 Senior Member

    Yes a weekend for our troops past and present.

    I had charter booked for the weekend until the boat had problems with one of it's engines. Now it is next week.....:(

    I will only be practice casting in my back yard.:cool:


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