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With megaseas offshore I'm reduced to fiddling with tackle.

My intention here is to match reels with rods, and pair them up so that both rod and reel reach their limits at about the same time.

I have two Shimano Trevala rods that I tested with a spring
scale, to determine the max drag each rod could sustain before it
"bottomed out". That is, I increased the drag until I was able to make the line
touch the rod, then measured how much drag it took.

It turned out the TVC-66H maxed out at 12#, while the TVC-58XH maxed out
at 18#. This is what I would expect... the XH is stronger than the H.

What confuses me is the way Shimano rates them in recommended jig
weight. They say the TVC-66H, the lightest rod, is best with 270-325
gram jigs. They say the heavier TVC-58XH is best with 160-270 gram

Why would Shimano recommend heavier jigs for a rod that can only handle
12# of drag, and lighter jigs for a rod that can handle 18# of drag?

It seems logic would suggest that rods that can deal with more drag
should also perform best with heavier jigs. If fact, it seems heavier jigs would be required to get the right action from a stiffer rod.


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I am not sure but I believe that the shorter heavier Trevalla rods are intended for the longer knife jigs made by shimano and they dont make them as heavy as the short stubby butterfly jigs which are intended to be used with the longer rods. This is the only reason that I can come up with, and its just a guess.
I got away from using Trevalla rods all together due to the light amount drag they can handle.

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Thanks Ronnie...

I'm with you about only being able to guess why Shimano rates them that way. I'm also with you about passing by the Trevalas if I expect to be using anything more than moderate drag. They make better Snapper rods than Yellowfin rods :)

you are right about the that. Thats about all I would use my trevala xh for anymore.. snapper and small stuff...
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