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marlin knowledge

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What books or tapes/dvd would you guy's recommend to bone up on technics for chasing marlin.
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Go w/ the best guide you can find. Books don't compare w/ fishing w/ experienced people.Suck up to McGolfer & Mr Bill, LOL!
most dvds are a waste of time so talk to some1 who catches them

other way of learning is getting on some trips from diff boats and capts and keep asking stuff like i do :$

you can pretty much gather lots of info on forums as well, marlin mag as few tips but capts and m8s are the way to go i would say
yeah watch those videos and youll be holding a spinng reel upside down. Best bet is to become an observer for a marlin tourney or go to one of those offshore schools or just learn how to detail a sportfish 4 free lol!
"Hell, Marlin Can't Read" email Darrell at [email protected]
He may have a special deal on them. I'll ask
I would recommend Peter Pakula's "Between Tne Lines"

Geaux Deep
Marlin fishing is like a new language, books and all that are great ....but your not going to really get it until you do it. I would go to certain hotspots around the world and charter with some good crews. You can pick up more in a couple hours than you would months of reading. Good places to start are Mayaquez, Puerto Rico in Sept. Kona all summer. Cabo in the fall for stripes. Venezuela. Southern Costa Rica/Northern Panama, etc. If you noticed all of these except Kona produce high numbers. The more shorts and more mistakes the quicker you will learn. The key is get to these places when they higher numbers and with a helpful crew. Some of the best capts in the world are the worst to learn from just because they can't teach.
You really need to learn the area that you are planning to fish. Charter a known marlin capt. in your home waters. If you are going to chase Marlin you better have a fat wallet, so may as well hire a good captain to show you the way the fish in your region act. Everywhere is different. I have been on several marlin trips around the world. In New Zealand, they chase em totally different, than in St. Maarten or Puerto Rico, then in Texas the structure is oil platforms, but like 1/2 mile from them?
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