Marlin and tuna

Discussion in 'Offshore Fishing Reports' started by capitanmarcos, Jul 27, 2007.

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    Fished a German writer and his son last Sunday and started out the morning catching football size tuna on fly. Trolled out a little more and hooked up a blue marlin around 200 that the son fought and we released. Next up was the writer and we released him a blue around 240 lbs. John was letting out the flat line and a blue around 325 hooked up. John whipped the fish in a short 20 minute fight and it was my turn. Blue comes up and we're on for around five minute when he goes crazy again and jumped on the line and cuts us off. Hook up another and after a short fight staightened the hook. Third marlin for me fights a while and just jumps off. Finally hook up with one around 180 and release it. We look over and the porpoise with birds and tuna are heading to us. We pull up and catch three tuna around 30-35 pounds. Couldn't have had a better time fishing.
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    Dang Mark, 4 marlin in one day is a great day in anyone's book..... be sure and post some pics when you get them.. thanks for the report.

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    When is prime time for marlin fishing in Zancudo? By prime time, I mean what months are best.

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    Marlin are here year round but really move in thick from June thru December.