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Marlin and dorado

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Both boats have been fishing and the marlin are still here. Johns clients got this one about 175. My clients got one same day about 250lbs along with these dorado. couldn't take pictures of mine because I was wiring the fish. Notice how Johns client came up a little to far the rod. OOPS


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Nice pics... The dreaded high stick.....
Do you guys get many blacks when fishing closer to shore or over banks? Are there many banks to fish down there?
That broken stick on the gunnel looks familiar. I've seen that to many times.
Of all of the times I've been out, I've never experienced water that looks as calm and flat as that!

I would probably want to go swimming! LOL
Tom, the water is in the mid 80s. its like a bathtub..
This time of year its like that everyday. Offshore breeze in the morning to run out and an onshore breeze in the afternoon to run back. Blacks are in closer and we do get them occasionally. No banks down here. Look for current, trash, birds, trees, jumpers, swimmers, ect. and wiggle your winky.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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