March Venice Report

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  1. Wwen

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    This is a really late report. Apologies for not posting this earlier.

    Fished two days w/Capt Eddie Burger and one Day w/Billy Wells.
    Tuna caught on chunk on Black Hole 250g. Sweet rod very forgiving and powerful.

    The scamp groupers in Venice like jigs.

    image3.jpeg image4.jpeg
    Jig caught tuna!

    image5.jpeg image6.jpeg

    Jigged up this grouper w/Capt Eddie Burger. The JM PE8 has so much cranking power! It was funny how I hooked up to this fish. I was snagged in 450ft to an oil rig w/200lb leader windon and 100lb HC. The previous day we ended the day having to break that off the bottom. That was ridiculous. Eventually the braid itself broke. I thought this would be deja vu. Luckily Eddie helped me get unsnagged. Immediately I was snagged again! Eventually after a few jerks got that jig off the bottom. Then bam I was hit! I went to full on the JM PE8 as I knew I had literally less than maybe a ft until the oil rig. After finding out the fish was a gag grouper we had to let it swim back. Surprsingly for such a deep caught fish it swam away very strong. I only had it out of the water for less than a minute or two, i think.

    No pics from the last day as we were running away from a storm. The storm that shut down I-10! It was raining like crazy at the dock. But we had some blackfin and small yellowfin. Quite a few scamp groupers As well as 5 or 6 AJs caught tons of undersized we threw back. My dad caught his first AJ on this trip. Well actually his first two; two AJs on one jig! We spent most of the day trying to find the elusive wahoo to no avail. We had one triple strike but all three wire leaders were cut..

    Topwater Tuna
    I forgot to mention that we caught 6 yellowfin tuna (30-40lbs) all on topwater on the first day with Capt Billy Wells. Hooksetter6 (larry) had hooked up to a really nice fish but it chewed the leader or something. After I caught two yellowfins i gave the rod to Justin who hadn't caught a fish on topwater yet. It was awesome to see his reaction. The trip convinced him to get a JW GH150 popping rod for our next June trip! Topwater fish should be even better i hope.

    With Capt Eddie we casted so much. The amount of boiling fish was unbelivable. Like 100s of fish boiling. Mainly small blackfin but eddie told me he saw big yellowfin rolling around too. However none were hitting popers, swimbaits, stickbaits, surface iron, etc.. Got quite a few blackfin and bonita on micro jig. The whole boat was casting including eddie and the deckhand!!! Larry was the most persistent popper/caster I've ever seen. Casted longer and harder than everyone else...We tried from shimano orca, tailwalk gunz, surface iron, tacklehouse flitz, shibuki, maguroni, halco max 130, giant popper, small popper, etc. We cut open tuna later and it was tiny fish. Eventually I cast from back of boat while eddie was retrieving troll lines. I hooked up to a huge ass yellowfin. I saw it roll and it was significantly bigger than the yellowfin I landed on the chunk earlier. Eddie told me it was a really nice fish. Unfortunately after a few minutes the windon failed at ~15lbs of drag. The loop to loop was intact but the leader had slipped. That sucked...heartbroken.

    We will be doing same style trip but hopefully more tunas on topwater (bring a popping rod)! of course limit of snappers in june too. have one more spot open.
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  2. cchris

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    nice report. that gag looks awesome
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  3. Wwen

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    Thanks Chris. That was the first gag for me too.
    The picture does not due it justice. The skin almost look like it was glowing. Magnificent fish.
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  4. Wwen

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    added topwater tuna report
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    GARRIGA Senior Member

    Awesome report.
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  6. Capt.matt

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    Nice gag. How do you like those XtraToughs?
  7. Wwen

    Wwen Fishing Guru

    Thanks Matt,
    They're great. Not too hot and 100% waterproof. However, a guy I fish with told me a horror story. He fell in the water once in a lake shallow and since the shoes are so difficult to take off he sunk to the btm as they filled up with water. Luckily it was shallow so he bounced off the btm and someone got him to the surface. Now if that happens in the ocean idk how you'd bounce back.
    Nevertheless I'm still wearing them boots cuz they're so waterproof just bring extra careful about not falling in.
  8. cchris

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    that is the state shoe in alaska.
    i remember in the very begining of my time here in the states i was working in the commercial fleet in alaska.
    you could tell the people who they were by the color of their boots:
    1. americans had brown xtratuffs
    2. foreign workers/fishermen had black rubber boots
    3. japanese had white rubber boots
    i remember one day after 18-19 hours in the boots my feet were soacked( did not know about the xtra tuff sock/insert at the time) and my feet were starting to feel very bad, working everyday in the same boots.
    And then i got a pair of used xtratuffs from a guy who was going home and they felt like heaven compared to my old rubber boots. After years of trial and error i found the perfect technique to working with these boots: buy the boots a size bigger and put in the blue xtratuffs bama inserts and you can keep your feet dry all day long.
    Now i have not worn any in a while, i got spoiled with Mucks and other higher end brands but these boots were work horses.
    i believe they do not make them in the usa anymore but heard they are still goood
  9. Capt.matt

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    I'm wearing mucks right now in the winter, they are great but if it is warm out side they get a little hot.
    I have never been a fan of the Matagorda Ropers (white shrimp boots). Everyone seems happy with the XtraToughs.
  10. cchris

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    It's true mucks are more of a winter shoe but I was living in Alaska at the time. I am sure they have a warm weather hunting boot that would work good for you. I know extratuffs have several sneakers/ short boots as well that would work good for recreational fishing provided you don't work on a deck with running water , hoses, active fish cleaning
  11. Hooksetter6

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    That was such a great trip!! I never could have expected a better group of guys. I would love to fish with any of them anytime. And this was all put together by wwen here on the forum. Can't wait to fish with him again. This work BS is for the birds, it sure makes it hard to make short notice trips and Edward has had some great ones lately.
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  12. Wwen

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    if you get the XtraTuffs make sure to get the nonIsulated ones. There are even the short versions those may be even better. The insulted ones would be very hot.
    If it's cold I just wear ski socks as insulation with the XtraTuffs.
    The only thing that sucks about them are they are so hard to take off!
  13. matawest

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    Love my xtra tufs.

    Nice report!
  14. Wwen

    Wwen Fishing Guru

    I agree with you 100%. Couldn't have asked for a better group of guys and my dad feels the same way. everyone wanted the entire group to have a good time and whoever was not catching fish the rest would let them have the troll strike or give them a turn with their popping Rod. cant wait to fish with y'all again as well.
  15. Fightingfish

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    Nice report, I wish I were closer... I'd love to wet a line with y'all!

    Having put together a bunch of trips with guys from here, I've found that we're a pretty good group of dudes... There's something about fishing more than any other lifestyle/hobby that fosters an instant camaraderie.
  16. Wwen

    Wwen Fishing Guru

    X2 on everything you said
  17. Icy Joe

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    Great report right down to dodging crap weather.
    X3 Fightingfish
  18. TheRegulator

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    amazing tunas and grouper man. nice catch and report!