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On the second day, Mohamed and Ahmed picked me up at the jetty at 7.30am again. This time we headed more north-east straight away. The wind had slowed down a bit, compared to the day before and the sky was partly cloudy, but mostly clear.

The second day turned out to be the most productive in terms of fish caught. I managed to catch fourteen fish, of which nine GTs. The largest around 20-25 kg. The fish put up a good fight on my PE2-4 set-up and at one point, Mohamed had to chase the fish to avoid me being spooled. The fish bit over a Orion S-Kiv 45 in fusilier. A few casts later, I lost the lure when a shark threw itself over a smaller GT that had taken a liking to the same S-Kiv. The line peeled off the spool at an alarming pace before I decided to try to stop the fish before being spooled. The line broke somewhere between the reel and the leader so I decided to change spool before continuing to fish. I lost one more lure that day and was now down to ten remaining smaller lures.

I had most action when casting over the water between the shallow and deep water, in the direction we were drifting.

Day three started off slow. The weather was pretty much unchanged from the day before, with partly cloudy and sunny skies. We had to fish close to the island where we were going to get petrol and given that it was Friday they didn't open until 9.30. Mohamed told me that a customer had caught a 60kg dogtooth tuna where we were fishing. I got excited since I had never caught a dogtooth tuna, despite coming close several times while fishing with Jason & Mady in Tanzania last year. However, that was on jig, not while fishing topwater. Catching a dogtooth on a stickbait, that would really be something I was thinking to myself, while launching another cast.

After we had re-fueled in Naifaru, Mohamed started heading North. Some 20-30 min later we arrived at the next fishing spot. I had borrowed Mohamed's rod - a Ripple Fisher Fanta-stick GT 79 Reversal, paired with a Daiwa Saltiga 5000H and PE6 line. I started fishing with a black silver bones RAL Haku 120 and we were drifting along a reef with some deeper water just next to it. When retrieving my lure, I noticed that a fish repeatedly charged it while I was bringing it towards the boat. However, it did not bite properly. Just as the lure came back to the boat, I saw a large fish tracking the lure a few meters below the surface when both Mohamed and Ahmed started screaming - "dogtooth, dogtooth"! Mohamed told me to cast in the same direction as the last throw and when the lure was halfway back to the boat, I had a fierce strike on the Haku. When I set the hook, the fish immediately ran for deeper water. The reel was screaming loud as line quickly peeled off the spool. Ahmed put in the gear and slowly followed the fish to the deeper water before putting the engines back in neutral. The fish made one more run and then came up reluctantly as I was putting heavy pressure on it with the help of my Glide rod belt. When the fish was some 10-15m below the surface, we could see that it was a dogtooth. Not as big as the one that followed my lure in the cast before, but still a decent sized fish and more importantly, my first ever dogtooth tuna. And as if that wasn't enough, caught on a stickbait!

I had two more dogtooth bites/followers at the same reef, before we decided to move on. Unfortunately, none of them bit properly.

I had numerous strikes throughout the day but only managed to catch five fish, of which three GTs. But it didn't matter that much. I would have been perfectly fine only catching my dogtooth that day. Nonetheless, I also managed to catch my third shark on topwater. A one meter plus white tip reef shark found my black silver bones Haku 120 irresistible. After a few camera shots, it was returned unharmed to the sea. A new personal best. I lost another small lure so down to nine by now...


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