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Major Craft Popping & Stickbait rods are loaded on the site.
Major Craft Japan is an extremely popular brand in Japan and SE Asia. Known for being very thin and "whippy" cast very well, very light and well made. Not your typical made in China rod, quality is top shelf and the same or better than rods retailing for $500/$600+
Much lighter than most rods in this catagory as they blanks are 100% Toray CA Carbon Fiber the most expensive type. Nano resins and 100% Fuji K Series Stainless guides, Fuji reel seats and gimbals.
We have them while stock lasts at only $275.00 each or two rods for $500 (shipped to the same USA address)

4 Models 7'2 to 8'2"
Major Craft Tuna Popping Models.png
NP-Jack Major Craft.png
NP-Jack Models.png
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