Maid in the shade

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    Visiting Girlfriend and noticing the great CALI weather-
    Too long without baiting up so I jumped off the couch and rolled down to the Local Spot and slided in on a 1/2 day putt-putt. There was a slow start (1-1/2 hrs. and I had nothing)then plinking and plinking away for Sand Bass and YummY Sclupins. Pierpoint of Long Beach sportfishing on the "Southern Cal", Nice Putt-around and screw-around boat. Too good of a price and really quick service, Fillets for a buck each fish Thanks RYAN!!, Mr. C.A.D.F.G. was doing a ride along today and that was not a problem at all 'cuz every biter was up to legal size, By the way there is a deep sea turtle out there getting preety fat on live squid. Putting the wood to TOBY but TOBY wins. The BAIT was GREAT, (HEY THAT RHYMES?) Live squid, almost too darn good for these mid-size local short water-100 feet deep fishes, I witnessed a really big sandbass get the jackpot , my guess was 10lbs. All we could get to work was a squid (LIVE and whole) pinned to a 1-1/2 oz. Lead head- no plastic/artificals , just the LEADHEAD with a sqiud and let it stick on the bottom all the way down into the sand. The overcast was getting thick and it was a trip that went all day long with the picky-pik and wind-wind-wind-the reel handle hour after hour. Catching fish for five hours never seemed so long before, I am getting too old I guess, but this trip was all MADE IN THE SHADE, really relaxing and all the way succesfull without any tangles or skunkages.(Now that's true, really good people and everyone was CALIFORNIA MELLOWED OUT and I was peacefully in ALL THE SQUID YOU COULD WANT FOR BAIT ZONE ) I wonder- Does anyone want to give me a SEATURTLE RECIPE? What do you do with them?, The CAPT. said they make great cinco-de-mayo- TURTLE TACOS!! W.T.F? biter and sink-out TOBY!!