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    when i did a trip last year at night there were small makos blues and tiger sharks drifting in and out of the lights thousands of squid and the occasional flying fish school but one of the biggest thing was that every night a school of maybe 20 or so mahi would circle the boat all night in the 5-25 pound range with the occasional loner bull come and go what are some things to have on hand when that happens
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    newkid: I am no expert, Lord knows, but on our last trip, I put a monster assist hook on a 7-ounce Krokodile spoon and a buddy of mine jigged it around (in daylight) and caught a dorado that was about 5 feet long.

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    Use a light leader and moderate drag setting. I often have 40 lb F'carbon rigged with a Mustaad 5/0 circle hook. I will flyline out a fresh flying fish or other live bait when I see mahi nearby. A whole pogy, excuse me bunker, is fine if I must use dead bait.
    I would rather not blindly fish this rig. I prefer a heavier leader when larger tunas are know to be around. I will fish this light if I can not get bit and everyone else is hooking up...
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    see i dont have to worry about the tuna comin up and grabbing my mahi baits topwater because these mahi wher on the surface they qwere so close to the boat i could have reached over and grabbed 1 instead i just gaffed 1 putit in waited for the school and pulled up nailed a 10 lber only did that 2 c if i could actually do it but i was using dead squid on 20 lb mono w 30 lb flouro leader but after a while the ygot lockjaw thanks for the advice i think i might try a few diff size n color combos of slug gos think that might work
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    Slug gos should work. I would like to see one take it.
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    Mahi don't turn down a live flying fish. At nite they're pretty selective but u can catch them on any color bait, lure, topwater, diver, or jig as long as it's a live flying fish.