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Part 1

Merry Christmas everyone; did not have enough time to join my family in St Francis Bay for Christmas as I only had 4 days off and had to be back at work today so I went fishing in Mahajunga and had a blast (felt a bit bad as my kids were not happy that I wasn't with them, but not my choice).

The first day out I fished with a mate who is a bit of a doubting Thomas when it comes to jigging and ended up not on top of my game as he wanted to move to a new spot every time we went for 2 seconds without a strike even though there were good showings on the finder; you really have to be methodical when jigging, find your spot, put in the hard work and don't move on until you are sure there are no fish around.

Sometimes the fish just don't feed, come back later on the same showings and it's bang every drop.

The jigging was actually ballistic at this spot as I lost a mother of a fish on 80lb YGK; the line broke and I have subsequently come to find out why the Jap's call this line YGK Ultra; it's ULTRA KAK!! - I have only jigged with this line on 3 trips and it is totally frayed so I ended up throwing away $250 worth of line and replaced it with Stren Sonic braid.

The first 3 hours of jigging on that day is the most expensive fishing I have ever done; I ended up loosing about 15 jigs - was bust off about 7 times by big fish, cut off above the PR knot by Leather jackets about 6 times and the other were either King Mackerel or Barracuda cutting me off just above my wire trace.

After 3 days of fishing I lost between 25-30 jigs, barely have enough to go jigging next weekend! Those freaking leather jackets seem to like the blue color braid so I ended up pulling the 10m blue color off and tying the pink color PR which did help a bit, but not much. No way is Blue Fin Tuna the most expensive fish in the ocean; leather jacket weighs about 300g and cost me about R5000 in jigs this weekend.

Notable fish on the first day were a good AJ and one of the most awesome fights I've had; a good size GT on the Blue Noodle that tested my rig down to the last fiber.

GT putting some serious pressure on the noodle..

Hell yea...

The 1st night we camped at a Mangrove East of Mahajunga and caught a bunch of Brassy Kings, mangrove jack and smaller GT's in the morning inside the lagoon.

Christmas day I dropped my mate and his father off at Mahajunga and headed west, all my deep marks were very quiet so I decided to go further west and look for new jigging spots. On the way I marked a good pinnacle which I wanted to fish in the afternoon and did not really find much further west so came back late afternoon to the place I marked earlier on.

Local fishing sail boat off to some untouched place to clean up the resident fish population....

First drop bang on with a good size Green Job, man those Green Job's shake their heads and go mad, followed by 5 fish on the next 5 drops, then I lost count.

Green Job..

Another Green Job...

And another Green Job....

And another.....

Ended up with a lot of Green Job's, about 5 Tile Trevally (1st time to catch these), good size Yellow Spot Trevally which pulled like hell, Spangled Emperor and a whole bunch of other fish that I did not take photos of.

Tile trevally..

Another Tile Trevally; they are really long compared to a GT...


Blue-fin Trevally putting a bend on the noodle..



Spangled Emperor...




Rosy Job, these fish really put up a good fight..


Followed by a bigger Rosy on the very next drop...


Yellow Spot Trevally...


Every time we went back to the mark I went on and I could not stop until my skipper insisted that we leave before it got dark.

The Blue Noodle was 100% the tool for the job and I actually had jigging rash under my arms I jigged so much!

Not sure of this ones name, but i think it was painted by Divincy...



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Part 2

On the way in to our island camp spot we were treated to a awesome sunset; really felt spiritual having just experienced that kind of fishing on Christmas Day.

That night Louis my skipper grilled a Grouper with some of the lemon & herb and Aromat that I found at Shoprite in Tana and it turned out to be the best tasting fish I have ever had; not that I was hungry, it was just very, very tasty.

Christmas Day sunset...

Christmas Dinner...

Third Day I did much the same as the day before; went deep to the 100-150m marks and did not get much other that feeling like a complete idiot for fighting mother earth on my heavy Blue Rose… I dropped and had 5 cranks up and had a solid hook-up, the beast made some steady runs and only after sweating for 20 minutes, back paining did I think mmm…ya maybe I've hooked the bottom - IDIOT!!!(could not be as I was 5 cranks off the bottom and it was taking line?).

Fighting Mother Earth; i almost pulled the plug out..

There was a strong current and a rolling swell that made me think I had a fish on; that S60MD Blue Rose will handle anything, I was actually pulling the boat against that strong current and cannot believe that I did not break the rod as I was pomping it big time.

I also caught this unusual AJ, it is obviously a juvenile and thus the blotches, but it has a more stout body than the Tropical AJ and it really went ballistic for its size; have since come to find out it is a Seriola nigrofasciata

Cute little bugger with an attitude...

At around 10am I saw some birds diving and wanted a Yellow-fin Tuna on my popping rod so we followed and I made a good long cast with a Halco Rooster 135g; right at the end of my cast I got a wind knot in the braid and as luck would have it a YFT smashed my popper as it landed.

That fish made my reel scream like no other fish can and I was lucky that the line did not part on the wind knot. I ended up getting the fish to the boat fairly quickly and that's where the trouble started; Louis missed the fish's tail about ten times before we finally got him on the boat for a photo and a gently release…..no that did not happen, the thing went ape-sh!t throwing Louis new gloves off the boat, my full spool of 150lb flouro-carbon looked like it was goal kicked off the boat by Francoise Steyn (South African rugby legend) from behind the 25 yard line and my Graph-cast 1 tip was bend around the canopy pole so badly that I was just waiting for the sound of the rod snapping.

The evil YFT..

We finally managed to tame that raging fish and released it, but had to take a few minutes to regain our composure and deal with the fact that I now had no jigs left, no steel trace and now my flipping 150lb flouro was gone!!

Due to the wind knot I had to throw away another 150m of YGK Ultra KAK; great…add this to the expensive weekend.

Managed a good size bonnie on my 12lb spinning rod using a pink squid on a lead head, that bonnie made my line zing the way it cut through the water and was a stubborn as hell to get in.

Speed merchant on a leadhead..

That afternoon I went back to the previous days 60m hot spot and caught more Green Jobs, some good Rosy's, more Tile Trevally and other reefies; I was actually sat from jigging for 3 days and there was a big storm looming so we decided to head in early to a large Mangrove on the mainland which turned out to be a big mistake as the mozzie's chowed us big time.

Baobab near our campsite...


Bonzai Baobab at the total station in Mahajunga..


I decided not to jig on the fourth day as I was tired and did not want to get back to Tana too late so we fished the lagoon for an hour in the morning before heading back to Mahajunga. Louis put out his trolling lures and was in the process of telling me that this was a good spot when his old 10/0 Senator screeched off with a good size king mackerel that ended up being the biggest one I have seen in Madagascar; that Lagoon is a definite spot to return to on a bad weather day.

King Mackerel scissors; the end to many a good jig..


Road back to Tana for 8 hours...


Another great trip for the memory bank and a major debit coming up for the bank account!

wow.......all of the madagascarreports you posted were great. really nice pictures, tons of exotic fish, nice story. thanks for posting it :)

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Shimano Blue Rose S535R and Shimano Stella SW8000PG with YGK Ultra PE-3; i cannot get enough of that rig.

Hey. Great report and pics. What size rig (rod and reel) is that little spinner that you call the Blue Noodle?

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Madagascar has been on my list to fish for three years. I've had two friends tell me it was incredible. I wish it was closer. Nice job on the pics.

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Wow! That was one of the best reports I have seen on any board! You cant ask for more of a plethora of fishes! Sweet deal bro!!!
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