Luna 203 and 253 questions?

Discussion in 'Jigging and Popping' started by DEA, Dec 15, 2008.

  1. DEA

    DEA Member

    Hey fellas, been thinking of using the Luna 203 and 253 for some light inshore jigging and casting and had a few questions.

    How much 30lb and 50lb braid will each reel hold respectively?

    Any issues with the disengaging levelwind system?

    I've been a bit leary of using braid on reels without the non-disengaging system on the premise that the angle of the braid may cause some undue wear on the levelwind worm drive when the drag is being pulled and the line digging in.

  2. Jesse Lockowitz

    Jesse Lockowitz Member

    i have the 253 luna, its a sweet throwing reel for inshore, and albies etc etc, it flat out smokes stingsilver or anything like that, really love the reel, i love the way you can adjust mags, that unlike say an ambassadeur slidy mag, that moves when ur palm goes over it, the luna adjusts easy, and stays put while fishing.

    i LOVE the fact that the levelwind does not move on the cast, its almost like having a ct reel that you dont have to worry about levelwinding on the way in :D

    ive caught alot of fish on my 253, albies, small king, smaller grouper, but this reel really shines on throwing artificials.

    as to whether the levelwind will hold up, ive had a 40lb cownose locked down on the reel hooked in the arse on 20lb braid, and had no problem whatsover since with the reel..

    sorry for blabbering, but i do really like this reel.

  3. stresst

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    First off I have the 300 and it holds 300yds of 30lb suffix with no problem. My buddy who has a 253 and I both have drag issues. Its either way loose or maxxed out. I had the shop where I purchased it replace the drags but the same thing. Im gonna send it to Hawk and have him instal some carbontex and see what happens. I cant wait for the new Pluton so I can sell my Luna