Lots of Tuna!!! Where & When?

Discussion in 'Pelagics' started by RevPDP, Jul 19, 2016.

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    I'm in South Florida, but have been thinking of booking a LR trip out of San Diego-- being that I have a few fishing buddies there. If you where considering several days of fishing for sheer numbers of fish (not necessarily monsters), where would you consider going? The species: YFT, BFT, Blackies, Longfins, etc., doesn't matter. Would it be NC, Cape Cod, Bahamas, Venice, San Diego?
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    Sheer numbers? Honestly I’d look at booking a late Aug - September trip for longfin out of ilwaco or Westport WA.
    Shake N Bake out of ilwaco or Mark Coleman out of Westport.
    Lots of days the bite will be so WFO that you’ll be jackpoling 20-30lb albacore as fast as you can get a bait in the water.
    Private boaters with a crew of 3 guys will regularly get 50 plus tuna per day.
    July is mostly a troll show. August switches to run N gun with iron and bait (live or dead). The boats I mentioned carry plenty of live chovies to get the fish going, then you can drop iron or flyline bait from a drifting boat.
    I can’t imagine many tuna fisheries being able to top that for numbers. Many years by sept/oct our albacore are pushing 30-40 lbs and will definitely test you.
    During the 2019 season I was part of days ranging from 45-125 tuna in the boat. These were four person trips.
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    FWIW, I'm in San Diego and usually board the party boats out of one of four main landings.

    Tuna (specifically YFT) has historically been best in September based upon fish counts (quantity) for the past few years. However, there are always pockets of time plus or minus a month or two where the tuna has been very good. My last trip (about 4 weeks ago), the boat had about an even split of 50/50 bluefin to yellowfin, but this week seems to be skewed towards the blues.

    Can't go wrong fishing (not catching) out of San Diego in the months of July-November.
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    ^^Ah the beauty of living in SoCal and able to drive & stroll to the boat with gear in tow

    for East Coaster having to schlep all gear with objective of filling the freezer
    LR trip of 12 to 16 days, the longer the trip the better quality YFT
    fish processing upon boat return/unloading catch
    ship frozen packaged catch using SouthWest Cargo or whatever any where in USA
    speak to John at Trophy Tackle about LR he the professor
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    John at Trophy Tackle in NY is a great guy. I support him (even in San Diego) whenever I can.