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Discussion in 'Rod Building' started by 2busy, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. 2busy

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    I lost the tip roller out of a rod this week and dont know how to size it. It is a bass pro rod with rs/rt. Any ideas on how to find a replacement? i see cabelas has replacement parts but i dont know if it is a large or small.

    does the tube size make a difference on the roller size? I just need the guts, not the whole tip. So i dont plan on changing the whole tip.Thanks
  2. Depraved

    Depraved Cabo is a POS

    take it back to bass pro they usually stand behind there products i used one of there rods for a year and it broke and took it back and they exchanged it for another

  3. txseadog

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    Is it an aftco tip? If so, dollars to donuts it the small one which about a dime to nickel size where as the large head has greater knot clearance and is between a nickel and quarter in size.
  4. 2busy

    2busy Senior Member

    sounds like the small size.not a lot of clearance and about the size of a dime.it is an aftco and has a #18 on the side.

    cant take it back ,since i borrowed it. now i have to fix it before i return it.
  5. Bill Fisher

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    It is a bass pro rod

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